Tamriel Downunder

Tamriel Downunder is a collective of four Australian Streamers who specialise in playing and streaming The Elder Scrolls Online. We formed in January 2019 and have been chatting about the Elder Scrolls Online and fundraising since then!



mApplinator is a well know member of the ESO community and a DPS expert. He also runs the Trial progression guild Latency Rising.


Angry is an Australian streamer with an active community. She streams on both console and PC.


Icy has been playing ESO since beta and has an active YouTube channel as well as streaming on Twitch. She specializes in teaching new players PvP and Trials.


Dacu's Duck Pond is a friendly place to hang out and play some ESO, as well as other games. He is also in Latency Rising.


In January 2019 I was contacted by Noel Wheatley (@FurySevenSix), one of the Bethesda ANZ community managers, who suggested that I contact a few other Australian/NZ streamers and see if I could get a podcast going, with the opportunity to talk about the new 2019 Season of the Dragon content after the official Twitch Con presentations.

I jumped on the chance and contacted AngryWolf, Dacu and mApplinator who I knew from Pax Australia 2018 and before. They were delighted to help and in 3 days we had graphics, a twitter account, and we were ready to go. Our first Twitch Chat was a success and we've returned for more Twitch Chats to talk about new content (with the occasional dungeon), as well as a number of successful fundraising efforts.


For such a recently formed group, we've done quite a bit in just a few months!

  • Twitch podcasts (later uploaded to YouTube), chats and analysis of new content
  • Fundraising
  • Community Representation through Twitter
  • Promotion opportunities with Bethesda ANZ
  • "Growing up with the Elder Scrolls" Panel at PaxAus 2019