It has been my privilege to help raise funds and raise awareness for a number of amazing charities. It's something that I am absolutely happy to help with. Upcoming and past campaigns are listed below.



Fantastically, 2KANZ and BethesdaANZ were able to come together to raise money for the Red Cross Australia Disaster Relief fund, with money going to bush fire victims. Under the banner of Tamriel Downunder, my community raised a significant amount of money.

Total Donations $750

Koala Krew

The fire season at the end of 2019 and the start of 2020 was horrific in Australia. With Tamriel Downunder, money was raised for the Koala Fund for WWF Australia.

Total Donations $268


RUOK Day 2019

Participated in an influencer campaign with GoTo.Game for the RUOK organisation to raise awareness for RUOK Day 2019.

Stack Up - Call to Arms

During QuakeCon 2019 Bethesda ran a number of fundraising events. I participated from Australia in raising money for Stack Up, a charity that helps vets and active service personnel game as a way to connect to other people.

Total Donations $150

Make a Wish Foundation

The Tamriel Downunder Team and other ESO streamers raised money for Make a Wish Australia in April 2019.

Much thanks to Dacu for organising such an amazing fundraising event.

Total Team Donations $8,152.56

Aroha for NZ

After the Christchurch terrorist attack in April 2019, the Tamriel Downunder Team was so pleased to help raise money for the victims.

Much thanks to Phid McAwesome for inviting us to participate.

Total Team Donations $5,656.56

Jan for JDRF 2019

In January 2019 I organised a team of ESO streamers to raise money for JDRF again.

Total Team Donations $1831

Jan for JDRF 2018

In 2018 during January I streamed to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Total Individual Donations $620