About Icy

Things you might not know about me!

I'm older than I look. I was born in 1975 and I'm 45 years old (as of time of writing).

I've been married for 20+ years and have 2 kids.

I've been playing computer games for 30+ years, since my parents bought a Commodore 64.

I didn't grow up with a console (they didn't really exist when I started gaming).

Serious minded | Compassionate | Empathetic | Patient(ish)

If you meet me in person there is a 90%* chance I'll be wearing almost the same thing as when you last saw me. I have a look and I go for it ^_^

*99% chance.

I seem confident when I meet new people in person. And, I am pretty confident. But that's also because I've had many years to practice!

I need my alone time though (I'm actually an extrovert).

Lazy | Unorganised | Unfocused | Tired | Distracted | Forgetful | Forthright

The name "Icy" comes from the name of my orginal fashion blog "Individual Chic". I just took the initials "I" and "C" and made a name with them!

I've been playing Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind. The main quest in Oblivion is my favourite (MARTIN). I taught myself image editing so I could make clothing mods for the games!

Creative | Can-do | Witty | Perceptive | Forthright

I love making content. I can't start a new hobby (or continue an old one) without making videos, taking pictures, writing blogs, making websites. It's just so SATISFYING!

I've always lived in Australia, but I've traveled to South America, Turkey, Jordan, Greece, Egypt, Italy and been all around Australia as well.