It has been my great privilege to lead 12 person trials for Skal Guild and to teach new players how to run some of the hardest content in the game.


Skal Guild (on NA PC) was formed by ESO Community member @Sigtric, specifically to give players the opportunity to learn the Trial content in a supportive and low pressure environment, and to prepare them for both Normal and Veteran content.

Once a week I run a trial group specifically designed to introduce players who've never done trials to the mechanics. My trial groups are open to any players who are CP160 and above and have access to the content (some Trials are in Chapters or DLC).

Other Skal Guild groups run progression Veteran content and there is a sister guild run by Dragon of Storms that specialises in Veteran Trials for those players who have minimum DPS requirements.

Skal Guild is always recruiting and we are looking for good people who are serious about learning the content and helping their fellow players.


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Normal Maw of Lorkaj

How to run the back room

Normal Cloudrest

How to do downstairs in Cloudrest

Normal Halls of Fabrication

How to fight the triple bosses