There are a number of ways and places to get the game and with a number of already released Chapters it can get a bit confusing. Find out more here!


The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC/Mac, XBox and PS4.

PC/Mac players can purchase through:

  • The ESO Store (recommended)
  • A digital retailer (with a code then registered through the ESO store, also recommended)
  • Through Steam (not recommended; there have been on-going authentication issues with accounts registered through Steam, preventing people playing)

Xbox players

  • Through the Xbox Store
  • Xbox Live Gold required

PS4 players

  • Through the Playstation Store
  • Playstation Plus membership required


Editions are divided into Standard and Collector's editions, as well as the full game or a digital upgrade. Use the picker below to make sure you get the edition that's suitable for you.


Collector's editions contain in-game extras but do not affect your ability to play the game in any way.

You may find older different boxed editions for sale. Check what you're buying, as older versions (particularly upgrades) may not come with the latest chapters.

  • Tamriel Unlimited - Just the main game, plus 4 original DLCs. Access to more recent DLCs available with ESO Plus or buying with Crowns. Access to older Chapters with Crowns or upgrade purchase. Access to current Chapter with upgrade purchase only.
  • Elder Scrolls Morrowind - Check if it's an upgrade or the full game. Gives access to the base game and the Morrowind Chapter. Access to current Chapters with upgrade purchase only.
  • Elder Scrolls Summerset - Full game gives access to Morrowind as well. Upgrade only has Summerset.
  • Elder Scrolls Elsweyr - Full game gives access to Morrowind and Summerset Chapters as well, plus the base game. Upgrade only has Elsweyr.

DLCs are also available to purchase in-game for Crowns and are broken into Dungeon or Story. An ESO Plus subscription gives you access to all content except Chapters which must be purchased.


ESO Plus is the subscription version of the game and if you play regularly, or plan to be a master crafter it is worth the money. Your inventory and bank space are double, as are the number of furnishing slots in your houses. You earn gold and XP at a 10% better rate and you can store a functionally unlimited amount of crafting materials. On top of that you receive 1650 Crowns for each month you're subscribed as well as access to all DLC content (excluding Chapters or additional classes).

Crowns are used to buy cosmetic items, such as mounts, costumes, motifs and dye stamps. They can also be used to buy gold "short-cuts" such as mount training books and bank space increases. DLC content (excluding the most recent Chapter) can also be bought with Crowns. The most expensive thing to buy with Crowns are the in-game large houses, which can cost up to the equivalent of hundreds of dollars of real money.


In almost all cases you're better to buy a 1 month subscription of ESO Plus rather than buy the equivalent amount of Crowns. One month is usually approx $15 (depending on your country) which gives you all of the above plus 1650 crowns. A Crown only pack (in Australia as of time of writing) costs $19. In all respects, you're better to buy a one month sub, but do check for yourself.


Once you've purchased your copy of the game, you'll need to pick the mega-server you'll be playing on. These are located in North America (NA) or Europe (EU). Pick the server closest to you regionally for better connection speeds, or with the best language compatibility. Japanese players use the NA servers.

While you can make an account on either server associated with your platform, note that there is NO transfer of progress, gear, or additional Crown purchases between servers.

Note also there is NO cross-platform support. PC/Mac, XBox, PS4 players can only play with people on the same platform.