Pretty Cool Things

I've had a lot of very cool opportunities recently and I've grabbed at them with both hands. A bunch of them were terrifying but I am so glad I said yes! And thank you to Bethesda ANZ for their support.


2020 is/was a strange year. The world shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic and many in-person opportunities were cancelled or moved online. This meant some opportunities didn't happen, but I did participate in other events that normally wouldn't have been possible.

August 8 - Featured along with the other members of the Tamriel Downunder team on the online QuakeCon@Home (15K+ concurrent views at We were honoured to have been included by the BethesdaANZ team.

May 30 - Hosted on the official Bethesda Twitch Channel for the launch of the latest Elder Scrolls Online chapter of Greymoor.

May - TDUxBethesdaANZ Content creation aimed at new players to the world of the Elder Scrolls Online. Included 4 weeks of content consisting of 3 social-media explainer images, associated long form video and highlight video. Content featured on the official Elder Scrolls Online Facebook and Instagram.

April - Fundraising again for the Make-A-Wish foundation

February - Fundraising for the WWF Koala Krew and 2KANZ+BethesdaANZ to raise money in response to the Australian Bushfires of the summer of 2019/2020.


November - Fundraising for JDRF as part of their official Stream Team

October 13 - Moderated my first PaxAus panel "Growing up with the Elder Scrolls: 25 Years of TES" with the Tamriel Downunder Team, Noel Wheatley (Bethesda ANZ Community Manager), and Rich Lambert (Creative Director ESO) 12:30 Sunday Ibis Theatre

October 11-13 - PaxAus 2019

September 11 - Panel with WomANZ members Mivaroh and Catichka "Gender Representation and the Importance of Diversity in Pop Culture" for the first Sydney University Pop Fest

September 9-10 - Part of the streamer influencer campaign for #RUOKDay2019

August 23 - Tamriel Downunder panel accepted for PaxAus2019

August 8 - WomANZ and Tamriel Downunder panels submitted for PaxAus2019

June 10 - Bethesda E3 viewing party

May 25 - First Year Anniversary of the WomANZ Community

May 19 - My first Twich Sydney Meetup

May 17 - Invited to join the Bethesda ANZ Movie Club

May 15 - Invited to join the Official ESO Stream Team

May 9 - IGEA Fundraising Trivia night with the WomANZ team, raising money for

April 20-21 - Fundraising for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Australia

April 4 - The Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary Celebration with Bethesda ANZ

April 1 - Featured in the Bethesda ANZ Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary Video

March 29 - Short feature in the Bethesda Softworks Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary Video

March 30-31 - Aroha for NZ Fundraising Stream

January 17 - First Tamriel Dowununder Stream talking about the Season of the Dragon for 2019

January - Jan for JDRF Fundraising Stream (See more about Fundraising)

January 1 - #OurElderScrolls Promotional video released at Bethesda Softworks UK YouTube

Poster for Sydney University PopFest
Cup of tea with an RUOK writstband


November 19 - Birthday Stream!

October - Lunch with Matt Firor of Zenimax at Pax Australia

October - Fallout 76 Launch Party at Pax Australia

October - First time at PAX Australia

September - Recorded promotional video with Bethesda ANZ for the #OurElderScrolls campaign

August 6 - One Year Stream-A-Versary

July - TES Legends Expansion Launch Event

June 11 - Bethesda ANZ E3 Simulcast at Fox Studios

June 5 - Bethesda ANZ Community Stream for Summerset Chapter Launch with Camelworks and mApplinator

May 28 - Launch of WomANZ. Initial Member

May 11 - 1000 YouTube Subs and 300 Twitch Follows

March 22 - First ever Bethesda ANZ Community Stream for Summerset Chapter Launch

January - Jan for JDRF Fundraising Stream


November 29 - Morrowind Celebration with Bethesda Australia

August - First Twitch Stream