ESO Fashion

In the Elder Scrolls Online it's possible to get some very high fashion-per-second. Armour dyes are collected from doing content (starting with plainer colours for early content, bright colours for later, harder content). Here are a few of the looks I've put together for some of my toons. And yes, all my toons are called "Icy". It's just easier that way. ^_^


This Icy is the original character and is as old as the game itself. She's a Dunmer Stamina NB DPS and the main crafter.

Icy is wearing Dreadhorn Hat, Argonian Jack 1, Prophet's Shawl, Dreadhorn Gloves, Dreadhorn Girdle, Dreadhorn Breeches, and Dreadhorn Shoes.

Colours are Motif Master Brown, Rank 10 Decon Colour, and Nirnroot Grey.


This Icy is a Khajiit StamSorc. She is the main PvP character and Stamina DPS (and occasional werewolf).

Icy is wearing the Bonding Rite Vestment costume with the Great Stagbrow Antlers headpiece, a lucky drop from a Crown crate, with the Psijic Order tattoos and Rime Frost Skin.

The colours are Vehk's Mystic Blue, Julianos White, and Centurion Metal.

Icy the Elder

Icy the Elder

This Icy is a High Elf MagPlar DPS. She was built to help eventually complete vMA (which isn't working) but she's ridiculously fun to play.

Icy is wearing the Argonian Jack 1, Skinchanger Arm Cops, Wood Elf Gloves 2, Imperial Girdle 2, Telvanni Guards, and Soul Shriven Shoes.

Colours are Apricot Outrage, Mastic Yellow, and Dominion Yellow.

Icy the One

This Icy is another High Elf and my Mag PetSorc. She is the character used in the most in end-game content and, as such, she must look sharp.

Icy is wearing the Imperial Jack 3, Assassins League Arm Cops, High Elf Gloves, Ebonshadow Belt, Daedric Skirt, and High Elf Shoes 1. Goggles are the Dwarf-Style Sung Goggles, a lucky drop from a Crown crate.

Colours are Coldharbour Ash Black, Rank 10 Decon Colour, and Dwarven Brass.

Icy the Blade

This Icy is another Dunmer, this time a MagNB Vampire. She is a stealthy, sneaky stabber. She was originally built as a NB PvP Bomber, but it never actually happened.

Icy is wearing the Ra Gada Jack, Ashlander Epaulets, Khajiit Gloves 2, Imperial Sash 3, Morag Tong Guards, and Khajiit Shoes 1.

Colours are Coldharbour Ash Black, Rank 9 Decon Colour, and Nirn Grey.


This Icy is an Argonian MagWarden, nominally a healer. She was created specifically to do the Mirkmire content as an Argonian.

Icy is wearing the Welkynar Jerkin, Apostle Arm Cops, Apostle Gloves, Argonian Sash 4, High Elf Breeches 4, and Imperial Boots 3. She has the Psijic Skullcap and the Crystalfrost Skin.

Colours are Coldharbour Ash Black, Abyssal Beryl, and Blademaster's Mauve.