I've got some questions

Wait, wasn't this some sort of corset making blog before?

Yes, good memory! It was, and before that, many years ago it was a successful(ish) fashion blog.  But I've changed direction, so we're going with this.  If you're looking for the Corset/Costuming blog, you can find it at http://costumes.individualchic.com/.

I want to leave a comment, can I?

Yep, go for it. Keep it clean, keep it polite. Yes there is such a thing as free speech, go practice it elsewhere, not here.  If I judge your comment as spam, it's gone immediately. I am the only judge and no correspondence will be entered into.

Are you on Twitter?

Yep. Over at @individualchic. You're welcome to follow me there.

Can you follow me back on Twitter?

Maybe. If someone follows me, I usually check them out and see if they have interesting things to say. Sometimes I follow them.

Well if you don't follow me, I won't follow you.


Will you follow my blog?

See above Twitter answer.

Will you follow my YouTube account?

See above Twitter answer.

Are you on Facebook?

Only to family. Don't ask for a friend invite, I don't accept them.

Why don't you want to be friends?

I do seem to be coming across a little stand-off-ish don't I? Well, the Internets are a crazy place. I like to take my time to get to know people.

Why do you have ads? They kind-of spoil the look of your blog.

They do rather, don't they. I can't modify them in this particular template; I may look at other templates later, but that would take time. As to why? Well in the small and desperate hope that I might make a little money that can go towards funding my new corset making habit.

Why are you wasting time with a blog when you could be gaming?

Because I am an idiot. And I can't help myself. And I must make things more complicated than they need to be. Because I am an idiot (did I say that already). And I can write blog posts on the go, when I can't be gaming.

Updated: 9 March 2017 by Icy

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