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Yes, you should read this

Can I comment on this blog?

Yes, of course! Read on below to see the comment policy.

I want to comment Anonymously. Can I?

No, you must sign in with some sort of OpenID to comment.

You've done [it] wrong and I want to tell you. Can I comment?

Of course! Please do so politely and include an explanation.  If I think you're right, I may update the original post with your information (with attribution of course).

I disagree with another commenter. Can I tell them?

Of course! Please do so politely and include an explanation. (You may be picking up a pattern here).
XKCD Free Speech

I want to advertise my site, product, etc. Can I do that in a comment?

No, absolutely no. If I judge a comment as spam I will delete it. No correspondence will be entered into.

I want to make some sort of personal remark on you intelligence, appearance, size, writing style, etc. Can I comment?

Oh, how flattering, of course... Oh. You didn't mean in a polite way did you. Then no. I will delete any nasty, rude, insulting, racist, sexist, able-ist, or any other ists I find, either directed at myself, or another commenter.

Hey, you can't do that, that's my free speech you're impinging on there.

Sure, you can say those things, shout them from the mountains if you like, but I don't have to listen. Go say them on your own blog.

Updated: 9 March 2017 by Icy

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