Summerset Isles!


Elder Scrolls Online - Summerset Isles

The next Chapter has been announced! We're going to the Summerset Isles - home of the High Elves (Altmer). I'm going to collate what I know/learn here! So check back!

  • Prologue Quest - NOW!!
  • Public Test Server - April
  • PC Early Access - May 21
  • Console and Full Access - June 5
  • Edition details - Standard Edition, Digital Upgrade, Digital Collector's Edition, Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade, and Physical Collector's Edition
  • Pre-Order Bonuses 
    • Available immediately - The Base Game (physical and digital full edition purchases only), The Morrowind Chapter (digital full and upgrade purchases only), Nightmare Senche Mount
    • Available at Summerset Launch - Queen's Bounty Pack (Costume, maps, pet, crown crate, XP Scrolls),

New Stuff:
  • 30 hours of new gameplay 
  • Daily login rewards
  • Psijic Order Skill Line
  • Jewellery Crafting + new jewellery traits
  • New Motif - thru the Outfitting Station Only (similar to how the Imperial and Morag Tong styles now work)
  • New Player Experience/Starting quest
  • New Trial in Cloudrest
Official Information:


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  1. So great Icy!!! Fantastic and fun stream! I can not WAIT to see what the homes will be like! Hoping for some smaller ones this time!

    1. OMGosh!! Do you know you have the honour of being the first person to comment on this blog!!! :D

      Oh I SO HOPE SO!! Smaller houses would be wonderful! Though, I'm assuming we should at least get an inn-room? Hopefully we should find out soon!! ^_^


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