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For my LOVELY Twitch Subscribers!!

Thank you so much!! To be honest, I never really expected to have so many subscribers on Twitch, and I'd like to recognise you all individually!!! Below are a selection of Elder Scrolls Online icons I've created and if you're a Twitch Subscriber I'd like YOU to pick one to represent yourself!! I'm planning to use your icons in ALL sorts of cool places, so pick one you really like! (Don't see one you like? Let me know what you want and I'll make you something just for you!)

As icons are chosen, I'll add your name to your icon so no-one else can pick it.

Argonian Fire Blue Mushrooms Book and Ink - Cindley Bookshelf Candle - Dretharion Coins Cooking Fire Cornflowers Echetelle Firefly - Squirte/Snowie Hourglass Lantern Namira's Rot - Manic Nirnroot Rubedite

Thank you to you WONDERFUL people

You raised $620 for JDRF!!! You amazing people!! Do you know what you did?? You raised $620 dollars for the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. You are all the most GENEROUS people!!! 

MissIcy's amazed face at was a sight to behold! "That's SO much money," she said. ^_^

Thank you! Thank you all!!!


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