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January for JDRF

Help Conquer Diabetes!! Exactly 4 years ago, in January 2014 MissIcy (who was nearly ready to celebrate her 6th birthday) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

She'd had a range of symptoms (loss of weight, drinking huge amounts of water, needing to go to the toilet a lot) which I'd put down to various things. A friend finally said to me "you know those are the signs of T1D, right?" I had NO idea.

We went to see our doctor the next day. MissIcy was admitted to hospital within the hour and we were there for the week so we could learn how to keep her alive.

Funds raised for JDRF go towards research to both make life easier for people to live with the disease, and towards a possible cure (oh, please, one day, please).

Please, PLEASE, consider donating towards JDRF this month!! 

Icy (and MissIcy!) ^_^

Donate to JDRF! FAQQ: What is Type 1 Diabetes?
A: Type 1 Diabetes usually (but not always) occurs in children. The body has a faulty auto-immune response which marks …