ESO Housing Competition - UPDATED!

New Life Festival Coming Soon

Last year, there was a very fun New Life Festival in ESO, and as it will be back this year I thought I'd do my part to celebrate it!!!


Housing Competition

Announcing the first inaugural New Life Festival Housing Competition!! Enter your best designs!! Celebrate the New Life Festival!! Win Prizes!! Type Exclamation Marks!!

NOTE: Prizes are limited to the NA PC server BUT all platforms are eligible to enter (assuming you can link me a video walk-through of your entry)


Enter one category! Enter all categories! Each property will have an entry fee of 1000g with all proceeds going to the winners!

Best Starting room
- Haven't tried housing yet? New to the game? Don't have time to decorate a big house? Decorate one of the 4 starting rooms! The Ebony Flask Inn Room, Mara's Kiss Public House, The Rosy Lion Inn Room, Vivec City Apartment.

Best Outside
- Love gardens? Or spooky winter forests? Or are your end of year holidays full of sand and sea and sun (like me). Show me what you can do with your outdoor spaces! 

Best Inside
- Is sipping eggnog by an open fire your kind of thing? Or perhaps candles over the mantle? Is the table set and ready for guests? Or is your holiday feast a more casual affair? Decorate the inside of your house to the theme!

Best Overall
- Your whole property just oozes the New Life Holiday Cheer. Inside and out just shouts CELEBRATE!!


Who can enter
- All Followers on Twitch can enter! All subscribers on YouTube can enter! Anyone in a guild I belong to can enter!
- If you're not on PC NA you can still enter, I just can't send you any prizes (entry fee is waived for non NA PC entries)

How to enter
- PC NA - make sure I can enter your house before the competition judging time either by adding me directly to your house permissions or making sure any guilds we share have entry permissions and setting your house as your primary residence.
- PC NA - send me your 1000g entry fee
- Non PC NA - record a video of your house, making sure to capture all you can and upload to YouTube (or somewhere else) and send me a link.  You could also enter images but it will be hard to judge in comparison to a video :(


Date to be confirmed, but it will be at the end of the New Life Festival event.

- All judging will be ON STREAM at unless requested otherwise by the house owner
- No correspondence will be entered into
- I may invite other judges to share their opinions but the final decision will be mine
- All winners will be contacted in game and winners will be listed here on this blog, and then linked to from YouTube and Twitch

Prizes (TBC)

Prizes will be confirmed closer to the competition date BUT will include

- All entry fees (1000g per property entered) will go to the competition (waived for houses not on NA PC)
- PLUS 100K gold split between the winners (NA PC only)
- PLUS Master Writ Vouchers (an easy to craft one of at least 80 points) to each of the winners, to be sold or used at the winners discretion (NA PC only)
- PLUS a BATH for each of the winners (or equivalent furnishing mats)
- A recorded tour of the wining houses uploaded to YouTube and/or Twitch (unless you'd prefer not) for PC NA entries or links to tours of houses on EU PC or Console.

(Prize donations gratefully accepted close to the event!)


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