Thinking words

Does this happen to anyone else?

Sometimes, I'm so tired the words stop. For a moment, there are none, and then I start to think about how there are no words, and then I start seeing them, chasing across the inside of my head.

Yes, I think in words, actual, literal words.

If I close my eyes, and think of a "tree" I'll see one, but I'll also see it neatly labeled as "tree" underneath. And, as I think, the words will come scrolling across my brain like closed captions under every image I see (if I see an image at all).

Memory is also linked to words for me.

If I want to remember something (like in those long-ago-days when I was studying) I would write it down. I took (and still take) copious amounts of notes, even if I never look at those notes again. It's the act of writing, of words, of taking an experience and transforming it into letter shapes, that means it stays in my head.

If it has no words, I'm probably not going to remember it. This is good when it comes to pain (a time when there are truly no words at all). I've been in pretty serious agony a few times, and while I know intellectually that it happened, it has no impact at all, because there were no associated words. So that's good. XD

And how is this related to today's video? In no way at all, I just wanted to put some words down. ^_^

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