Not just coffee

I love my tea as much as I love my coffee ^_^ of course. I currently have about 20 types of tea: black, green and herbal. I like my tea with flavourings, much as I like my coffee with flavour (caramel specifically), but I do drink my tea without milk or sugar, and very weak.

Mostly I drink teabags, but I put them in a teapot so I can control the strength of the tea, though I do have a number of flavours of loose-leaf tea as well. The teapot in the picture is from the Maxwell Williams Cashmere range, but sadly, this particular teapot is no longer available (though the cups are still there).

My favourite teas at the moment are Dilmah Exceptional with Rose and Vanilla, Madame Flavour's Earl Grey, Tetley's Decaf Green Tea with Pomegranate, Governor's Estate Peach (with lemongrass and aniseed), and Twinings with Camomile and Spearmint. What I drink depends on a combination of my mood and my tiredness level! ^_^

I'm not even sure if these teas are available outside of Australia, and some of them are hard to get here! The Rose and Vanilla I've had to order specifically from the supplier in the past, though it seams to be appearing in the supermarkets again. Thankfully!

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