Get ME:A early

How to, even if you're in Australia

YOU CAN DO IT TO! And you can get it right now!
  1. Sign up for an EA account
  2. Sign up or Origin Access for PC (AU$7/month and 10% discount on all Origin/EA games) or EA Access for XBox/PS4 (you can cancel after a month if you like)
  3. Download the Origin Client for PC (I don't know how it works on the consoles, sorry! :P )
  4. Click on the Origin Access the First Play trials
  5. Click on Mass Effect. Click on the version you have pre-ordered (if you have pre-ordered) to see the Download Link
  6. Accept the agreements
  7. Wait for 43GB to download (but the game is playable at 42%)

HOWEVER if you can get access to another person's computer, who already has the game, you can copy the files off the other person's computer. Here's how.
  1. Follow the steps above and wait until the download has at least reached 200MB or so (enough time to have created the directory structure and any registry settings)
  2. PAUSE the download (don't stop it)
  3. Copy the entire game download folder off the other person's computer and onto your own, making sure to MERGE the directories. Choose NOT to overwrite any files.
  4. UNPAUSE the download and wait while the new files are checked (this still took at least 5 minutes for me)
  5. Play the game! \o/
See you in Andromeda.

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