Farming for Furnishings

Coldharbour - that is all

As you can see from the video below, this was a VERY good run through Coldharbour, but I've had better. I've now picked up about 5 purple furnishing recipes from there and it's worth taking your time and looking in EVERY container.

I've also had some luck with lower-level provisioning recipes dropping from here, including a purple recipe I didn't know. Learning as many purple and yellow provisioning recipes as possible is VERY important to improve your chance of getting a Provisioning Master Writ (and improves the chance you know how to actually make the item to complete it)


  • Go around Coldharbour as often as you can
  • Open every wardrobe, trunk, dresser, cabinet (best drop chance), crate, barrel, basket, and sack (lower drop chance)
  • If you have ESO+ save EVERYTHING. If you don't have ESO+ save all style materials, decorative wax and flour
  • Weapons and armour found in containers (unless green) have a tiny chance to give you mats when you deconstruct
Other Recipe Areas
  • Any other town/city with lots and lots of containers. Hew's Bane is pretty good, but any of the Alliance capitals are also great.
  • You can open any container and take a look without stealing. A fine (if spotted) is only triggered when you remove the item.
  • You can make good money by selling all your stolen loot to the Thieves Guild (and it's ABSOLUTELY worthwhile doing)
  • A few skill points into the Legerdemain to increase the number of fence interactions is very helpful
  • Recipes will have to be laundered before they can be sold to other players
Material Areas
  • Any of the starting zones is best for farming mats
  • The nodes seem to be closer together
  • The nodes respawn faster as there is usually a fairly high population
  • Players with baby characters don't have the inventory space to collect absolutely everything and so are less inclined to pick up all the materials they can see, leaving more for you

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