I need it

Coffee, ah, that sweet, sweet caffeine hit.

Coffee is a big thing in Australia, and it's fancy. We all drink espresso coffee (mostly) and it's all good here. Even McDonald's started the McCafe in Australia to cater to our growing coffee demands (and it's mostly pretty good).

Starbucks, a massive institution in the US, didn't make a dent here in Australia when it arrived; the coffee you could get across the road from the little cafe there was already better than anything Starbucks could make. I think there might be one Starbucks left in Sydney? I think it's there specifically to cater to tourists who want something familiar.

I drink my coffee one of two ways; either as a skinny latte with caramel syrup from a cafe, or as a Turkish coffee made by me. I don't drink instant, I just can't anymore.

So, Turkish coffee is pretty easy to make; you just need a very fine ground of coffee (Turkish/Lebanese/Greek grind preferably though you can make a simulacrum with a normal espresso grind), sugar if that's your thing, and a tall sided, very small saucepan (the real thing is called a briki if you're searching for one).

The video below shows you how to make it, but yes, it's VERY quiet unfortunately. ^_^

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