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27 February 2010

Links a la mode

links a la mode

Project Beyond the Runway

Edited by Fashion Pulse Daily

Reading through the links this week, I realized that fashion week or no fashion week, fashion will most certainly go on! A winter snowstorm couldn't even slow down New York Fashion Week, and the links below are testament to the wonderful style that exists beyond the runway, such as Ode to Awe's jewelry discovery, how to look chic while lounging by Cafe Fashionista, and tips for vintage shoe shopping by Wicked Whimsy. Don't get me wrong, I love being 'in the know' on runway looks and trends, but how you interpret them and work them into your personal style is so much more important than remembering which designers showed one-shoulder looks this season!

As expected, there was a fabulous round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of your eyeballs!

Links à la Mode : February 25th

25 February 2010

Competition: Name that character

OK, so you may be aware that I'm writing a book, and damn, I'm having fun (so please ignore any whinging you hear from this general direction). I'm nearly finished the first round of edits and I've realised I need to rename a number of characters.

And I need help.

So I'd like you to suggest some new names for me in the comments below and I'll pick the best entries and call my characters after that.

What's the prize I hear you ask?

You'll have the knowledge that one day, maybe, with a serious amount of luck, the names you pick might appear in a published novel. Yep, it's an awesome prize.

So, I need you to pick a new last name (or even a first name if you don't like the ones I've picked) for each of the three characters below. All names need to start with a different letter of the alphabet (except for A, B, H, L, M, P, Q, S, W, or X) and not end in the letter S (possessives get messy).

To enter, write your new names in the comments below this post, along with the reason you've chosen the name (optional). I'll pick the names I like best after there are a reasonable number of entries (and I may pick and choose from the entries) and let you know in a later post.

So, go to it - enter away!


Dr Matheson XXX - Mayan archaeologist at Oxford. Discovered a jade mask in Mexico in the 1970s and smuggled it back into England. A bit of a prat really and now safely dead (but he gets a lot of book time). Needs a caucasian name.

Dr Honouria YYY - A lecturer in pre-history at Oxford and the neice of Matheson. Also one of his heirs. Straight forward, intelligent, amused. Also gets a reasonable amount of book time. Any sort of name (though obviously her mother was caucasian).

Ms Harriette ZZZ - Main character's best friend. Loves to have fun, but runs a successful executive realestate business. Into designer shoes and air kisses but a straight up trustworthy friend (any sort of name, upper middle class and went to school with Xavia).

23 February 2010

Icy says

Welcome to my first video log, thanks to Super Kawaii Mama's competition that won me this lovely Kodak zi8. Thanks to you both ^_^.

22 February 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday to Individual Chic

Yep, on the 22nd of February 2007, three years ago, I started Individual Chic and it's been mostly going ever since. I had a bit of a break when MissIcy was young but I've been back and posting regularly since then.

And, as a special birthday treat, I've only just discovered that Individual Chic made it in at 98 in the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers list. OMG! I'm so chuffed!

Thank you to all my new and old readers for making this SO MUCH FUN!!!

And I'll see you right here for the next year too.


20 February 2010

Links a la Mode

Style vs Fashion

Edited by Retro Chick

With the Fashion Week season in full swing and Fashion Pulse Daily live blogging from the IFB conference it can be easy to forget that there are other things going on in the world, where real women are shopping and dressing for real occasions.

There were actually surprisingly few Fashion Week oriented posts submitted this week. Possibly the Fashion Week attendees are still too busy to partake in Links á la Mode, but what I did find was a lot of posts focused on fashion, style and image in the real world. A Typical Atypical calls for a low fashion revolution and Idiosyncratic Style urges you to bring out your cocktail frocks for every day. Meanwhile, in the body image arena Intrinsically Florrie learns to love her specs, Sugar & Spice discusses tanning and Mariels Castle weighs in (see what I did there?) on the body size debate.

It would be impossible to leave this weeks links without mentioning the untimely and incredibly sad death of Alexander McQueen. There were posts submitted on this issue but I made the decision not to include them, not because they were bad, but because I felt that if I included one persons post I would need to include them all. There has been so much personal reflection on the life and designs of this amazing man in the fashion blogging world that to choose a small selection seemed impossible. If you would like to read these posts then, as ever, the full list of submissions is available in the forums.

Links à la Mode: February 18th

  • A Typical Atypical – What girls really want to read about, and why fashion bloggers are changing the face of fashion 5ZAZREUZ9S9A
  • Bonne Vie – Cultural Appropriation vs Cultural Inspiration: What you borrow from another culture when it comes to wardrobe should be thoughtful
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor – Dear New Look; it’s over!
  • Eternal Masquerade – Covering the Parallels Between Our Current Winter Wonderland and Under the Sea Fashions
  • Fashion Pulse Daily – Fashion Pulse Daily blogs live from the Future of Fashion Blogging panel during IFB’s Evolving influence conference this week!
  • Hot Beauty Health – Ready for Spring? Here are 9 Big Beauty Trends for Spring 2010!
  • Idiosyncratic Style – Fashion Dare – Let your party frocks come out and play!
  • Intrinsically Florrie – Making a spectacle of oneself: learning to love glasses and finding the right pair
  • Mariels Castle – It’s not about been skinny or fat its about being healthy!
  • Retro Chick – Love, Lust & Burlesque with the Bridewell Collective
  • – Spring comes early to Golden Gate Park. Showcase of spring 2010 looks from San Francisco designers
  • Stacie Blair – Show your Olympic spirit with fashionable gear from Aritzia!
  • Style Eyes – The dilemma of a fashion blogger and why I’m taking Dame Vivienne Westwoods advice to stop shopping
  • Style Symmetry – Fashion Blogger Interview Kingdom of Style’s Queen Michelle
  • Sugar and spice and all things nice – Discussing the dangers of tanning and why the only safe tan is one from a bottle!!
  • The Clothing Menu – interview with independent jewelry and clothing designer, Norwegian Wood
  • The Fashion Planner – The Fashion Planner is hosting an Giveaway!
  • The Very Subjective – very subjective (and therefore – very true) observations about style do’s and do not’s
  • Thread Style – Heel-wearing fashionistas also can be feminists
  • twentyteneightyfour – My thoughts on style vs fashion and how our appetite for fashion blogs is part of our quest for style
  • ventures of jenn – The Great Vintage Debate: the ‘price’ of vintage both within and outside of the western world and what it really means

18 February 2010

Computer Engineer Barbie

Computer Engineer Barbie @ Individual ChicI was a Barbie girl growing up, I admit it. I just had the one, but she did everything. She was a doctor, a scientist, a vet (occasionally), and a spy. I was brought up with feminist priciples, even though I didn't know that's what they were.

So, I love the idea of the new Barbie doll, a computer engineer. That's what I am after all, in my other off-line life. According to Mattel, Computer Engineer Barbie will come with a pink laptop and case, pink bluetooth earpiece, a pink flat watch and a smartphone (presumably pink). She's wearing skinny shiny pants, a top decorated with binary code and glasses, great shape but also pink.

Would I wear any of her clothes? The pants, maybe. But nothing else; I hate pink with a pasion. Would I use her tech? No, it's also in pink. Is that the point? No, it's not.

It doesn't matter what I think, or what I would wear as a female computer engineer. What matters is what a little girl, age 5 and up, thinks a computer engineer should wear. Little girls like pink (are forced to like pink I should say as there are no other colour choices).

Would a little girl like this Computer Engineer Barbie? Absolutely. Would I buy my daughter one? Absolutely (when she's old enough). I'd rather she have a computer engineer Barbie than a Bratz.

And I love that Barbie is wearing glasses. What better positive re-inforcement for a little girl who might have to wear glasses than a glamorous pair on a glamorous doll.

Did you have a Barbie doll? And would you have liked this one?

Original story via The Register.

16 February 2010

My lovely new Hideo Wakamatsu bags

My marvelous new Hideo Wakamatsu bags that I won arrived yesterday (glee) and here they are in all their splendor, the Vagues medium trolley in wine, and the Blade sholderbag in black.

The construction on the Vagues suitcase is lovely and the colour is so me ^_^. It's lined in a lovely gold coloured fabric, and has two clever storage flaps, a bag for shoes, plus removable hangers! As Super Kawaii Mama says, how can you not love a suitcase with "actual hangers that I can hang things on in the case and then remove to hang in the wardrobe wherever I go". Now we just need to go somewhere so I can use my beautiful new suitcase.

Hideo Wakamatsu @ Individual Chic

The Blade shoulder bag is a perfect size for me with 2 zippered pockets on the outside (including one on the back which is always important) and two more pockets on the inside. The only thing that could improve it would be if it was lined in a light colour (I can never find anything in a dark bag). It's also pleasingly gender neutral, so it could be a fight as to who gets it, MrIcy or I. I'll let you know who wins.

Hideo Wakamatsu @ Individual Chic

Thank you once again to Candice, the Super Kawaii Mama and Angela from Hideo Wakamatsu for this lovely prize. Oh, and MissIcy very much appreciates the box they came in ^_^.

15 February 2010

Icy's week

House stuff

Well, the builder cut his hand last Thursday pulling out the bathroom, was at work on Friday (where I saw him), in hospital Saturday and Sunday night (at least) pumped full of antibiotics, back on site on Thursday. He seems OK, which is great, and he's still acheived a lot.

Demo is finished, new walls are up with gyprock, though not yet plastered. Plumber has moved the hot water heater, electrician has done the re-wiring. I can see how the layout is going, and I'm feeling good about it.

Writing stuff

Go check out my writing week over at

Health stuff

Had another opthamologist appointment on Tuesday and it went well. My eye is a little better again and my vision has improved again slightly. I have another appointment in 5 weeks, and hopefully that will be the last for a while.

I tweeted I was feeling spaced on Saturday afternoon. That indicated the start of hours of weirdness. I had cold chills and hot flushes (I think my blood pressure dropped for some reason), my head was spinning constantly, and other things I refused to mention here.

After spending several hours in the shower I then spent the rest of the day in bed. I found if I lay on my left side I was OK but if I so much as rolled over my head would start to spin again. MissIcy was very disapointed I wouldn't get up to play with her. In the end I took some big pain meds and went to sleep at 7:30. I woke up at 7:00 the next morning feeling very lethargic but not actually sick. I was OK again late in the afternoon. No idea what happened.

11 February 2010

Why I love Nuff Nang

A haiku in five parts, an entry to the Nuff Nang Valentine's Day competition.

Love's day. Celebrate
things that bring joy to dull days.
Love's way is to share.

I share a cat of
colours impossible
you; style and words join.

I share a glamour
. A cutie,
a sweetie, a mum.

I share a big love
of fabulosity
embracing the self.

Love's day. Enjoy it,
celebrate it, embrace it.
Love's way is to share.

09 February 2010

Hideo Wakamatsu make seriously cool bags

Hideo Wakamatsu @ Individual ChicLast week I won Super Kawaii Mama's competion and scored myself a $700(!!!) voucher to spend at Hideo Wakamatsu and I was delighted. I am a huge luggage fanatic, there's nothing I like better than a lovely peice of luggage.

After much browsing I settled on two peices (a little more than the voucher but it was worth it). I'm getting the Vagues Medium Trolley in Wine and the Blade Shoulder Bag in Black.

Hideo Wakamatsu @ Individual ChicThe medium trolley is the same size as our existing bags, and they're perfect for visiting MissIcy's grandparents in Brisbane. Our fabric red one is getting a little worse for wear (it did survive a six-week holiday through Turkey, Jordan and Egypt though). This is the perfect replacement. And it's SOOO PRETTY!

The shoulder bag was to use up the rest of the money, but it was one of the bags I looked at seriously anyway. Maybe MrIcy will use it, maybe I'll use it. We'll decide (fight over it) when it arrives.

Once again, thank you to Super Kawaii Mama and Hideo Wakamastu.

08 February 2010

Icy's week

MissIcy stuff

MissIcy turned two on Saturday, and we had her afternoon tea birthday party yesterday. My parents, my brother and his partner, our lovely neighbour and husband and her two children came.

It was simple and small and we had a lovely time. MissIcy got more gifts than needed, but isn't that always the way? Now she gets nothing else until Christmas, mwuah ha ha haaa (just kidding).

House stuff

Taking down of walls and removing bathrooms and kitchens has happened. We've discovered we already have insulation in the walls, so that's a major cost/time saving. Yay! The builder has also decided not to rip up the tiles but to lay the floorboards over instead which should also save time/money.

This means we should be able to get all of the painting done before we move in, and hopefully more of the fiddly little jobs finished off. We're meeting on Tuesday to thrash out the changes I think.

We've also picked the floorboards (carbonised bamboo) so now we can start looking at paint colours as well. I think I know what we'll have but we need to select a kitchen benchtop colour and go from there.

However, I've litterally just found out our builder, who cut his hand on our site on Thursday, has been in hospital this weekend being pumped full of antibiotics. Hope he's OK.

Book stuff

You can check out what's been happening over at Isa's week at

Health stuff

We've been making an effort to go to bed at 9:00 every night and finally I'm feeling a bit better. I just can't sacrifice sleep. I don't need as much as I did pre-MissIcy but I still need more than a lot of people I know. I prefer to be me when I've had enough rest.

My next opthamologist appointment is on Tuesday, just for a checkup. Hopefully that will be the last one for a while.

06 February 2010

Happy Birthday MissIcy

Wow, what a year. Today you're two and you're growing up so fast. You're my big little girl.
Happy Birthday MissIcy

Love MummyIcy.

04 February 2010

Icy's Shoe Fund

MrIcy's parents gave me a very cool Christmas present this year. It's so appropriate. All I could do was giggle when I saw it.

Utterly impractical,
teeteringly dangerous,
but cannot live without
(Any leftover funds will be put towards
my subsequent orthopedic treatment.)
Isn't that a scream?

I've decided everytime I have a five dollar note appear in my purse, I'm going to take it out and add to the tin. When I have enough I'm going to splurge it on something wonderful. I can't wait ^_^.

02 February 2010

OYG! I won SKM's Contest of the Year!!!

Hideo Wakamatsu @ Individual ChicLast year I told you about Super Kawaii Mama's fabulous Contest of the Year where you had the opportunity to win a fantabulous bag from Hideo Wakamatsu and an extremely excellent Kodak zi8 for recording all of your favourite things.

Well, guess what?


I'm sooooo delighted. I'm just over the moon, and the stars, and half way to the next galaxy.

So thank you, thank you very much to Candice of Super Kawaii Mama, Hideo Wakamatsu and Kodak for the opportunity.

I'd like to leave you with my entry. And it's all true. If someone handed me a lottery win right now, I would do exactly what I've said below. I'd be off to Japan in a heartbeat.

If I could choose, my
Own perfect adventure, I’d
Leave now for Japan.

To stroll the byways
Of the old town of Kyoto.
Heart-stone of Nihon.

I would walk beneath
Falling Sakura blossoms
And watch the sky swirl.

Filled now with treasures,
My Sakura trolley case.
And memories special,

Saved forever, safe,
Within cherry z-i-8.
Some day soon. I’ll wait.

01 February 2010

Icy's week

House stuff

FINALLY! The builder starts today. YAY! The first week is demolition, and then we move onto other things. MissIcy and I will go over this afternoon to see how things are going. Such a relief to have it started at last. Now we're into all sorts of other stress, I know. But still...

MissIcy stuff

MissIcy will be turning two next week. GAH! We're just having a small party with our lovely neighbours and my brother and his girlfriend. Not sure if my parents are driving down from where they live yet.

However, a party girl needs a new party dress, and I found a lovely one for her. It's a bit big, but I reasure myself that means she'll be wearing it next summer as well. And then I couldn't resist getting a few more things. So, it's February and I have a larrge proportion of the stuff she'll need for winter. I call myself organised. You can call me something else if you like.

She wore her party dress to another little person's party yesterday. It was very nice, and the little girl and her mother are friends and lovely people, but it was rather over the top. There was a pony, and sheep, and goats, and geese, and chickens, and guinee pigs, and a rabbit, and a pig, and a duck, and an alpaca, and a calf.

MissIcy enjoyed it, but I'd like to make it plain. I will never do this.

Book stuff

You can check out what's been happening over at Isa's week at

Link stuff

Could I please have the purple Francesca dress. I'm asking nicely.
Towanda, my very favourite store, are having their final summer clearance. Great bargins if you're in the Southern Hemisphere. Great chance to stock up on stuff for summer if you're not (they do international shipping).