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15 March 2010

Icy's week

House Stuff

In the new house, the bath is in and the floors have been smoothed. Bathroom walls have been tiled and look great. Some of the walls have been plastered. Things are moving on.

The old house looks like a magazine (almost) and we had our first open house on Saturday. It went pretty well and we had 15 groups through in 30 minutes. There was one request for a contract already, and someone else wants to come and inspect on Tuesday at 10:00. Hopefully it will sell reasonably quickly and for a reasonable amount of money. We'd love to get back to where we were financially before we bought the new house (that is just a few years left to pay off the loan).

MissIcy stuff

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at Newtown and it was lovely. MissIcy had her own breakfast this time (as our fave cafe has added a kids menu) and she had a lovely time. We went bookshopping afterwards, a favourite pastime of MrIcy and myself.

Unfortunately this meant that MissIcy fell asleep in the car on the way home at 10:45 and then didn't stay asleep when we got here. A 20 minute nap is not enough for her by a long shot and this afternoon was a bit frazzled. It was off to be early for her.

Writing stuff

Go check out for an update.

Health stuff

Off to the opthamologist again today. Hopefully he'll scan my eyes, tell me everything is great and send me home, to not return for three months. Every six weeks is a bit much, as MrIcy has to take a sick day each time to look after MissIcy. He only has so many sick days.

This does mean I get to go shopping by myself in the city though. This is good. I'm checking out bookstores tomorrow.

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Louise said...

I'm not sure about your workplaces, but ours has 'carers' leave for days like that, can your other half look into that?

Icy @ Individual Chic said...

Heya Louise,

MrIcy can use his sick days as carers leave, but as he works for a private organisation, he only has 8 a year. Kinda sucks actually. He doesn't even get 10! And they don't accumulate. How cheap.

Anyway, eyes were as well as can be expected and the next appointment isn't for 2 months which is good.

Thanks for stopping by!