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31 December 2009

Sometimes I feel sorry for guys in suits

I love a man in a sharp suit. When MrIcy puts on a suit I start to drool (unfortunately this only happens about once a year). But I do feel sorry for guys who have to wear a suit to work.

Specifically in summer on 35 deg C plus days.

I go out at lunch in my sleevelss top and skirt and I see them, looking at me with envy. They'll be there, standing on the street corners in the sun, panting and going red in the face, in their lovely charcoal woolen pants and jackets with a long sleeved shirt and tie done all the way up.

Sometimes it's good to be a woman.


An individual dude

29 December 2009

Ambra's new Killer Figure

Ambra has always sold hoisery, underwear and bodysuits, and they've now branched into shapewear, branded Killer Figure.

Now I'm sure you know I'm a big fan of shapewear. Smoothing out and holding in are great things and a new retailer is always welcome.

There are nine different styles, mostly from a size 10 to a 16, with the Waist Killer Leggings (shown here) to a size 18. I rather like the look of them and I think I'll be getting me a pair.

So if you're a fan of shapewear like me, check out the new Killer Figure.

Why is the brand called Killer Figure? Why don't you go and find out for yourself.


Lovely lingerie

26 December 2009

EziBuy - Nothing over $40

I know. I migh have slammed EziBuy just days ago for their bleh 80s range, but it's not all like that.

And guess what? They're having a "nothing over $40" sale.

EziBuy sale @ Individual Chic

So, travelling? Can't get to the sales? Don't you worry. EziBuy is taking care of you.

I'd also like to say I have no affiliation with EziBuy. I just like to browse (and sometimes shop from) there.

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Dear Reader,

Merry Christmas

May your days, this day and all others, be filled with contentment and peace.

From the Icy family to you and yours.

Individual Chic may be taking a short break. I haven't decided yet, but there will probably be less posts than normal until the 4th of January.


The Australian Experience

24 December 2009

Icy finally has a tag cloud

Yep there it is, finally. What, you don't see it? Scroll down and look on the left. Yep there it is.

And it's all thanks to Meghan of on fire with fireflies and Phydeaux3 of Phy3Blog who actually has the instructions of how to do it.

Thank you to you both.

22 December 2009

SKM's Contest of the Year!

So, did you know that Super Kawaii Mama is having a super fantastic contest? Well, I just thought you should.

The competition is open to all Australian and New Zealand residents and you could win a fantabulous bag from Hideo Wakamtasu and an extremely excellent Kodak zi8 for recording all of you favourite videos.

All you have to do is write about your perfect "choose your own adventure" with Hideo Wakamtasu and Kodak and leave it as a comment on the competition post before midnight on the 8th of January.

So, what are you still doing here? Go enter, and good luck ^_^.

Images care of Super Kawaii Mama.


Ace accessories

21 December 2009

Icy's week

Wow, what a busy week it was. Just completely full on.

House stuff

The first part of the week was spent talking to builders/designers/project managers to find someone who can help with the renovations on our house. It's rather like stabbing in the water and hoping you come up with a fish you can eat, rather than an old boot.

On Friday the contracts for our new house were settled and we picked up the keys, eventually. Saturday we interviewed three people and I hope to get some sensible quotes out of them.

I suspect this whole process will be quite stressful, mainly because MrIcy (who likes to be in control) will need to leave most things to me. He's already feeling twitchy, and has bought a sledge hammer. We'll see how it goes.

Eye stuff

My eye is getting better! YAY! I think. I hope. At least it seems that way. While the circle of distortion has grown larger, the distortion itself if less severe and less noticable. Hopefully this is a good sign.

I've also got myself on cholesterol lowering medicine (though it was lower than I thought it would be), improved my diet, starting wearing sunglasses outside all of the time, and am taking high-dose anti-oxidant vitamins. Not much else I can do. However my blood pressure kicks ass. I must be one layed back person.

Manuscript stuff

Research into the Mayas still going, but slowly. It turns out after reading I've done so far I may need to use the Olmecs instead. This means more research of course.


Icy's week

17 December 2009

Oh EziBuy, what were you thinking?

As I’m sure you realise, I’m rather fond of EziBuy. My very own ass-tastic pants came from there, as well as a number of my other favourite shirts and jackets. They have some nice Christmas presents too.

However, when I saw what they were doing with their Urban range, I nearly lost my lunch.

Let me sum it up for you; washed-out light blue denim, gathered waistbands. Hello Eighties, and not in a good way.

Yes, yes, I know. Ironic references to the Eighties and all that. Still, no.

Let me prove it to you.

EziBuy @ Individual Chic EziBuy @ Individual Chic

So, this first number; looks like a one-shouldered denim sack. Hmmm, attractive. Oooh, and look, gathered pants with great big patch pockets. Lovely.

EziBuy @ Individual Chic EziBuy @ Individual Chic

Let’s follow that up with a paper-bag waist skirt that will make every woman look just so ‘wonderful’. And wow, knee-length harem pants. Hold me back from the Buy Now button.

EziBuy @ Individual Chic

And finally, the height of chic, the halter-necked, low backed, gathered waist, gathered ankle jumpsuit. And no, I am not kidding you.



Shop on-line

15 December 2009

The BEST last minute Christmas gifts

Oxfam Unwrapped @ Individual ChicWhat was that? Christmas is just two weeks away and YOU HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED SHOPPING YET! And they're a pain to shop for? You’re beginning to panic? What do you do?

You buy them a piglet.

Or a duck, or a chicken, or even a calf if your budget stretches that far.

Maybe you could get them some literacy classes, or sewing lessons, or breakfast for a month?

There are lots of things you could get that person who is impossible to shop for, and all at the last minute. Want to know where to get these great things?

You can get them all and more from Oxfam Unwrapped.

And of course, because most people don’t have room in their garden for a rapidly growing calf, the lovely people at Oxfam will donate it to a needy family somewhere in the world.

So this year, spread the love around a bit. Give that really means something; to you, to the person you give it to, and to the person you both help, somewhere else in the world.


The Australian Experience

14 December 2009

Icy's week

I have done a little novel work this week. Started the historical research for The Novel (caps makes it seem much more interesting). There isn't a lot, it's more for flavour really, but it needs to be the correct flavour.

I finally finished the Christmas shopping. Yay! And it's even all wrapped too. However we only managed to get the tree up on Saturday. Yes, yes, we're slack.

I went to the doctor on Thursday to talk about what I can do about keeping my eyes from getting any worse. My cholesterol is high (yes I'm fat, but it's mostly from genetics), but my blood pressure is very good still. Talked about high-dose anti-oxidant vitamin suplements so I'm taking that as well. Also hats and sunglasses are an absolute MUST for the rest of my life.


Icy's week

12 December 2009

Links à la Mode

links a la mode @ Individual Chic

Choices, Choices!

Edited by Dream Sequins

At this time of year, even the smallest decision can feel like the biggest burden. As holiday shopping season swings into full and relentless motion this month, the choices we make as consumers can often feel overwhelming. This week’s compelling roundup of reading explores these choices from every possible angle and makes it clear that as bloggers, we should feel empowered, not overwhelmed. Whether it’s writing about a specialty gift guide for a geek chic girl, choosing the perfect red lip color or even exploring the nuanced difference in quality between designer and mid-priced items, these choices are what make us unique and connect us as an independent fashion blogging community.

Links à la Mode : December 10th

  • A Typical Atypical – Get into vintage 50’s housewife mode for the Christmas season!
  • Bobbins and Bombshells – Fashionable History: L’Officiel de la Mode Archives
  • Brunette and Pink – Holiday Makeup Inspired by the Sephora 2009 Holiday Sephora Catalog using Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II
  • dramatis personae – High Fashion & High Art… Two Worlds Apart? Thoughts, Arguments, & Solutions for the Knock-off Debate
  • Dream Sequins – A bling-tastic evening at jewelers, Doyle and Doyle.
  • Fashion Pulse Daily – Fashion Pulse Daily finally finds a handbag that meets her very particular requirements.
  • Fashion X K8 – Spotlighting the stylishly subtantial Desirée Rogers and challenging the press’s idea that those who fill jobs seeped in tradition should not only maintain the “tradition” but refrain from being eye-catching.
  • Fasshonaburu – Shopping for the Geek Chic Girl: Holiday shopping advice for the girl who loves fashion as much as video games, gadgets and Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
  • M.I.S.S. – She’s Crafty: DIY Ruffled Suspenders
  • Oranges and Apples – The Sapeurs: vibrant and elegant street style from the Congo.
  • Rags to Reverie – A Fab Four Fanatic’s review of the Comme des Garçons x The Beatles collaboration.
  • Retro Chick – Fashion Economics – Are low cost retailers forcing us to be wasteful?
  • Sophisticated Insanity – Take a look at the lady behind Rare bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel
  • Style on a String – Leggings vs. Tights: The difference, how to buy them and what to wear (and not wear) with them.
  • Style Symmetry – Christmas Gift Ideas for Him, For Her and Secret Santa…
  • The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire – Two days ago, it was 36 degrees out…today, I didn’t even have to a jacket- that’s New England!
  • THE COVETED – Love bold red lips? Check out the Ultimate Red holiday collection.
  • TheWorkingWardrobe – Here are some tips on how men can work jewelry at the office without any raised eyebrows.
  • Thrift Eye – Dreaming of Shearling: Save up for the nice stuff and be warm or go with the cheap and be cold?
  • ventures of jenn. – A spotlight on Berlin label Reality Studio.
  • Wicked Whimsy – Practical Quality: Looking into what the difference, if any, is between a mid-range item & a designer item.


Description here

11 December 2009

Icy wears...

Icy wears @ Individual ChicThere was a little cold snap in Sydney, so I took the opportunity to pull out a warmer skirt out of the wardrobe. This one gets a lot of wear in winter, not so much in summer.

I’m wearing:

Love this look. It's very graceful without being girly.


Icy wears...

10 December 2009 Launches @ Individual Chic

Are you a fashion blogger in Australia? Or perhaps you’re a press or advertising agent? If you are, have you heard about is a new initiative, created by Helen Lee of Sassybella, that allows Australian bloggers and Australian press and advertisers to get in touch with each other easily.

So if you’re a blogger or an advertiser sign up at and get communicating.


Shop on-line

08 December 2009

3 ways to wear harem pants, even for apples

OK, I have protested vigorously that harem pants just don't suit me, and I couldn't find a pair that didn't make me look as if I had an enormous growth hanging between my legs.

I take it back.

On further perusal of Target's offerings, they did indeed have a pair of harem pants with no gathering at the top of the pant, just the ankles. These were acceptable, and I have rather a lot of fun wearing them ... around the house.

However, if I was going to wear them outside the house (which I'm not), this is what I'd wear them with.

The first image I have on my gold cropped jacket and a pair of matching gold ballet flats ($15 from K-mart, score). I call this the “formal look”. I think I could wear this to a party or to a fancy dinner, though not to work.

The second image is smart casual; a scooped neck t-shirt with pointed flat shoes. The pointed shoes play to the “harem-ness” of the pants, while the fitted black shirt counteracts the volume of the pants.

The third look is house casual; simple crew-necked t-shirt with a pair of thongs. This is comfy for around the house but still “dressed” enough that I feel “myself”.

So, in conclusion, harem pants – yes, if done carefully, and even for apples.


How to wear it

07 December 2009

Icy's week

So, here’s a new semi regular segment that is pretty much as it says. It’s an update of what went on in the last week or so in my life.

NaNoWriMo is finished, but I haven’t stopped there. I plan to take my novel to “ready to be submitted to an agent” form. So, my first draft has had a thorough spell and grammar check (thanks MS Word) and been exported from yWriter. A few pretty formattings later (who can resist?) and I have exactly 200 pages of single-sided, double spaced wordiness sitting, waiting for me to edit it in a month or so. I can’t wait.

On a more personal, and distressing, note I noticed some changes with my vision on the 20th of November. I got myself to my optometrist on the 25th who referred me to an ophthalmologist on the 1st.of December. It turns out I have Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration, at 34; only 20 years too early.

I had my first round of treatment on the same day, which involved injecting my eyeball with a cancer reducing drug. There is a fair prognosis because I caught it so early. I have a follow-up in a month, and the likelihood of more (expensive) injections.

All this means that MrIcy and I have to stop trying for the next Miss or Master Icy for a while as well, as the drug used could have an effect on a developing foetus.

Anyways, I’d love to hear about your week and I hope you had a great one.


In other news

05 December 2009

Links à la Mode

links a la mode

Links à la Stocking Stuffers

Edited by Fashion Pulse Daily

This week, as I've been getting geared up for the holiday season's shopping ( both loving and dreading it) via Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I couldn't help but compare the posts to stocking stuffers. Why? Because it felt like a nice, sentimental hodge podge of little items that although different, still fit together into the the bigger equation, hence my new phrase, "Links a la Stocking Stuffers!" Although I jest, I love the variety of posts this week, from how to style and what to wear including Retro Chick's guide to '40s hair for holiday parties,'s tuxedo jacket, The Coveted's adventures in Century 21 and What to Wear's Art Basel fashionable looks, to Prom Mafia's run in with Black Friday and SwaySwaySway's blissful tactics to keep your computer off on Cyber Monday.

As expected, there was a fabulous round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of your eyeballs!

Links à la Mode : December 3rd

  • 39th and Broadway - How zoning may save the fashion industry
  • Bonne Vie - talking about Knockoffs and why making accessible fashion isn't a bad thing
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor - Interview with Katie Mackay of What Katie Wore, as she reaches the end of her year-longstyle challenge, to wear something different every day!
  • - Binge or Bargain: Black Tuxedo Jacket
  • Fashion Pulse Daily - Saks Fifth Avenue & Windows 7; an unlikely pairing for the holidays!
  • Fashion XK8 - Explores Fashion through local anthropology
  • Girl Friday - Mad About the Tote
  • Little Miss Makeup: Smoky Eyeshadow: A Timeless Makeup Trend
  • Oranges and Apples - Fashioning the Future: my favourites from the 2009 sustainable fashion awards
  • Painfully Hip - Edie Sedgwick takes San Francisco (she was born a California Girl, after all)!
  • Prom Mafia - Surviving Old Navy's Black Friday Sales
  • Rags to Reverie - How Essie got me to embrace nail color once again
  • Retro Chick - A Step by Step Guide to Easy 40s Style Party Hair
  • Style Symmetry - Blog to Watch ~ My Mom, The Style Icon
  • SwaySwaySway -A short and humorous guide to beating those seductive Cyber Monday urges
  • [the 3st] - Interview with Hungarian Designer Dora Mojzes, recently featured at the Marie Claire Fashion Show,
  • The Art of Accessories - helps you find a gift for everyone on your list with the 2009 Winter Gift Guide
  • The Coveted - Finds designers at an old favorite discount department store, Century 21
  • The Door in My Wardrobe - A lengthy post about fabric weaves and fibers, helpful for vintage hunter
  • The Working Wardrobe - Check out these eco-friendly ties that work with your outfit and your office dress code.
  • What to Wear -Art Basel Miami Beach--the most important art show in the United States


Links à la Mode

04 December 2009

The Sartorialist is back in Australia

The Sartorialist is back in Australia!

So if you want to get your face on his internationally recognised blog, go and hang out in Sydney on the 6-8 Dec and Melbourne 10-11 Dec.


Chic Pics

03 December 2009

A purple dress of deco interest

Purple dress @ Individual ChicSo, I walked past Elegant Bridal Couture again and I saw another beautiful dress. This one was a purple sheath, but with an art deco flouncing over the body, and with a matching purse.

Isn’t it fabulous?

If you’ve got a slender figure and you’re looking for a party dress for the Christmas Season, you should check this one out or give them a call on (02) 9533-8633.

Now, this is the second post about this shop, and I’d like to make it quite clear I have no affiliation with them; I’ve never even been inside. I just walk past their window occasionally and I like what I see.


Individual ideas

01 December 2009

Annnd we're back

Thank you to everyone for your patience as this blog was hijacked for the duration of November, and the duration of computer problems.

Your regularly scheduled service will resume on Thursday with lots more outfit photos, thoughs, ideas, and all things that are Individually Chic.

Why isn't service resuming today? 'Cause I have been totally slack, and I haven't written anything yet. I'm getting some posts ready for you as I write this.

I'm looking forward to talking to you Thursday.



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