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29 October 2009

November is National Novel Writing Month

A few weeks ago, Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Colour wrote about how she was signing up for NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month sets anyone who signs up the challenge of producing 50,000 words of fiction in 1 month. The idea is not to revise or rework or critique but to just write, to put words on a page no matter what their quality.

And I thought to myself, I can do this.

The idea is not to revise or rework or critique but to just write, to put words on a page no matter what their quality.

I love to write. I want to be a writer. I originally started this blog so that I would write something every day so that I could practice writing. Every so often, I pull out a book I’ve been working on (since I was 14) or one I’ve started recently (six months ago) and start writing away productively for a few weeks.

But then, I feel the need to read over what I’ve written, and then I feel the need (the allure) to edit what I’ve written, and then the edits force me to re-write other parts, and suddenly I’m bogged down, and other things become more distracting (reading, the Internets, gaming, MissIcy, life in general) and things get abandoned.

Well, not this time.

This time I am allocating the month of November to writing my novel. I have the characters, I have a rough idea of what is happening, I even have a bit of it written already (cheating I know but there are no judges but me). I’m ready to go.

But in order to get to 50000 words, I’m going to have to produce 1666 words a day (give or take) and it’s going to be hard, really hard. I’m going to have to use every nap MissIcy has, every train trip to and from the city, every lunchbreak while I’m at work, every night after MissIcy is in bed. Is this going to be enough time to produce 1666 words everyday? Who knows, but I’m certainly going to try.

But in order to get to 50000 words, I’m going to have to produce 1666 words a day.

Why am I telling you all this I hear you ask? Well for two reasons really.

The first is that maybe you have always dreamed of writing a novel too. Maybe you though, “I just don’t have the time”, or “I’ll get to it one day”. Well guess what, today is the day. You can go and sign up at the NaNoWriMo site right now, and you could be writing your very own novel come Sunday.

The other reason is I’m going to have to temporarily give up all of my other interests for the month of November. I’ll be looking after MissIcy and writing in that order (MrIcy can take care of himself, he's a big boy ^_^), and that’s it. I’m even going to the extent of turning off my access to the Internet for most of the time (as that is where my most insidious distractions come from). So, that means no reading other people’s blogs, no commenting, not much Twittering, and very little blogging.

I’m going to have to temporarily give up all of my other interests for the month of November ... Your regularly scheduled service will resume in December.

Oh, there’ll be some posts here, just not as many as normal, and mostly easy to write things like Vintage Icy and outfit posts. I will be reading comments and replying to them, just not straight away as I normally do, and I’m sure I’ll be letting you know how my word count is going. Your regularly scheduled service will resume in December.

So, until then, I’m going to have to abandon you all to your own devices for a month or so. I’m sure you’ll understand.


So, you tell me

27 October 2009

Hussein Chalayan RTW Spring 2010

“Womanly chic” is how WWD described Hussein Chalayan’s RTW Spring 2010 collection and there is an elegance here that was missing in Galliano’s RTW Spring 2010.

There are some interesting uses of shapes in the clothes, and I love the super big hats.

Images care of Women’s Wear Daily.


Fashionable parades

26 October 2009

Icy wears...

We’ve had a sudden cold snap here in Sydney, so I’ve pulled out some of my warmer wear again.

  • Black, long sleeved, maxi, turtle neck dress, made by me a few years ago. What can I say, I love this dress.
It dresses up,
It dresses down.
I can wear this dress
All over town.

And that’s it really. This is a pretty simple one. I teamed this will a cropped woollen jacket and boots for the walk to work though.


Icy wears

23 October 2009

Vintage Icy - I hate cheaply made high heels

First published 29 March 2009

You know the ones I mean. In the city, you see women in their nice skirt suits walking around in them, mincing along because their heels are bending out backwards from under them. It really looks weird when you see it and it can’t be comfortable (or safe).

I love shoes, and I lurve good value shoes. Send me shoe shopping and I’m a happy girl, but please, please, please get yourself good value shoes, not just cheap ones.*

* In the interests of full disclosure, I too have bought these sorts of heels, but in my defence I didn’t realise until the first time I wore them. I’ll always check to see if the last (the structural support) flexes too much from now on. They did look good though ^_^.


Stupid shoes

22 October 2009

Alexander McQueen RTW Spring 2010

You may have seen this collection already, or you may not have. Either way, you should really see these pictures.

This is art, not just fashion, and stunning art at that. Tilda Swinton should be wearing these.

Images care of Women’s Wear Daily.


Fashionable parades

20 October 2009

White sheath dresses can have hips too

I was visiting a friend in Sydney and as I walked back to the train station I saw this lovely dress in a small (very small) shop window.
This is not a dress I would ever wear. If I was 6 foot and rail thin I wouldn’t wear this dress, but on another woman (girl perhaps) this would look stunning. (Please excuse the rather shocking photo from my phone).

The princess line is flattering and the Romanesque swags create the illusion of hips on the mannequin. The train is small, but enough to give interest.

What an elegant dress.

I can see a tall young woman in it, with her hair piled on top of her head; innocent, but the centre of attention at the glamorous event she is attending.

Actually, I can see Audrey Hepburn wearing this dress. Can you?

If this is the dress of your dreams, you can get it from Elegant Bridal Couture, (02) 9533-8633.


Individual ideas

19 October 2009

Chic links

I’d like to send out a little link love to all those lovely people who’ve been kind enough to leave a comment on Individual Chic since September. Thanks everyone, I read all of the comments and I try to respond to every single one.

Commenters are listed in reverse chronological order (or there abouts). If I missed you, let me know.


So, you tell me

16 October 2009

Vintage Icy - Details are everything

First published 22 March 2007

You’d detail your car wouldn’t you? You’d add a sweet set of 17” mag wheels, maybe a spoiler, some leopard print seat covers, and naturally a pair of fuzzy dice hanging proudly (like testicles in the words of Cake) from the rear-view mirror; so why wouldn’t your detail your clothes?

Adding an unusual feature to something you already own is a great way of getting something new and original to wear. I had a boring plain black suit from Ojay that I bought a few years ago. Nothing wrong with it, I just never wear it because it is too plain. I was about to donate it to the Smith Family (great charity if you are looking to donate somewhere) when I was struck by inspiration.

I have some beautiful Chinese silk from the Silk King in Shanghai that my friend Miss K sent. I haven’t used it yet, so I thought I’d do something simple but tricky.

Ojay suit customised with Chinese silk @ Individual ChicThe skirt (centre) I tapered in along the legs to give it a pencil skirt shape, then added a border around the bottom with the blue silk, also filling in the vent at the back to make a pleat instead.

The pants (left), I unpicked the belt tabs, sewed in a thin band at the waist and then sewed the belt tabs back.

The jacket (right) I added the silk to the welts of the pockets and created a pleat in the sleeves, adding the blue silk as a detail.

This used all of about 20 cm of fabric, and I’ve transformed a boring suit into a really interesting one. I even have enough material left to make a matching top.

You’d detail your car wouldn’t you, why not your clothes too?


Do it yourself details

15 October 2009

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Spring 2010

What can I say? The clothes that Yohji Yamamoto designs are just “me”. The architectural use of structure, the black, the strong shapes… I love them all. I soooooo wish I could just run off and buy his collection, at least the black pieces ^_^.

The shirts with the stand up collars and the lovely French cuffs are stunning. I think I already own the black skirt, or one very like it. The corset bodice with sleeves would suit me to a T and I can see the maxi-length shirtdress becoming a fast staple of many women’s wardrobes in the coming season.

Sign me up.

Images care of Women’s Wear Daily.


Fashionable parades

13 October 2009

Galliano for Dior RTW Spring 2010

Can I say it? I’m disappointed.

After such a stunning Couture collection for Fall 2009, Galliano’s spring offering seems pallid in comparison, and I’m not just talking about the colours.

His 1940s inspiration continues with this line, with the fabulous Lauren Bacall as something of a muse, but that something is really missing.

The 1940s was about opulence following the war years, where women were women, and class was what women aspired to. For me, this collection was missing these elements, unlike his fabulous earlier collection.

Never had I seen those tall skinny models look less appropriate in the clothes they had been placed in. The jackets that had such elegance the first time around (see the pink ones) here have the look of a pre-teen “borrowing” her mother’s clothes. The mini length of the skirts revealing child-like stick-like legs only emphasises this unfortunate impression.

The picture of the corset top over the negligee perhaps shows this most unfortunately. The model’s straight lines and too-skinny legs under the womanly outline of the corset only emphasise her lack of figure.

The only dress that truly evokes Ms Bacall is the red stunner. The model is just as skinny as her sisters, but the cut of the skirt and the cinched belt create the shape that for me breathes life into the late 40s and 50s.

I’m curious, what do you think of this collection, especially in light of Galliano’s earlier one.

Images care of Women’s Wear Daily.


Fashionable Parades

12 October 2009

Sesame Street does Mad Men

Just 'cause ^_^.


Fashion TV

10 October 2009

Links à la Mode

Fashion Roller-coaster

Edited by Jennine

Wow… we’ve got an interesting bunch this week… word from fashion weeks has put us on a roller coaster from the creepy toenails on Shoe Daydreams to the stunning Alexander McQueen on ferOHHHsh, a much needed shopping bill of rights ondramatis personaeand Bay Area Style File wonders why cigarette cases are marketed to teens at Urban Outfitters. We’ve also got some new faces in our round up including one of my favorite French blogs, Morning by Foley whose beautiful photography reminds me how sweet fashion really is.

Links à la Mode : October 8th


Links à la Mode

09 October 2009

Vintage Icy - Now, this is really screwing with your head

Men in heels @ Individual ChicFirst published 16 March 2007

Now this picture from StyleBites on the 27 February 2007 is really screwing with your head. It is mixing the male and female* elements, but from the guy's perspective.

I love this look!

It's subtle; it takes all the normal masculine cues and just twists the one element. And he still looks really male, there are no compromises made to his masculinity at all.

*Hint: look at his shoes.


Individual ideas

08 October 2009

Prize update - This is Genevieve cocktail ring

Horay, at last!!

Some months ago I won a competition for the launch of Project Runway Oz to win a This is Genevieve dress. Unfortunately, the designer only makes dresses to a size 12 which wasn’t going to fit. Instead they offered me a lovely silver rose cocktail ring, and I was rather happy to accept.

Last week it arrived and it even fit without getting it sized. Yay!

As you can see, the thing is massive. It weighs a whole 35 grams according to my handy-dandy kitchen scales but despite the weight and size, it’s surprisingly easy to wear. And, as I’ve been wearing it to work, I’d also like to report it’s surprisingly easy to type in as well.

Once again, thanks to the designer Genevieve Er, Gina from Robot Meets Alien and Caz from Sweaty Betty.


Ace accessories

06 October 2009

So, it turns out I like Louis Vuitton handbags after all

I always thought I hated Louis Vuitton handbags. They were so tacky with their loud logos and over-the-top hardware; bleh. Rather like the Canvas Monogramed Galliera GM to the right actually.

If I ever have the money to spend on a designer handbag, this is the one I will be seriously considering.

Then one day I had reason to end up at the Vuitton site (I was looking at their scarves) and thought I would just have a little look at their bags (because I love bags anyway). And then I saw it, the Epi Leather Bagatelle GM in Rubis. What a lovely piece of leather, in a great size and a classic look.

If I ever have the money to spend on a designer handbag (this seems mighty unlikely), this is the one I will be seriously considering. But, can anyone tell me, is there a waiting list? Should I be putting my name down now to buy it sometime in the next 10 years?

Thanks to Louis Vuitton for the images.


Best bags

02 October 2009

Vintage Icy - A simple solution for showy straps!

First published 15 March 2007

A simple solution for showy straps @ Individual ChicI inherited a whole heap of old sewing bits and pieces from K, who got them from her grandmother, and she passed them on to me when she stopped sewing. I’ve got hooks and eyes in their original 1970s packaging! In amongst the old buttons and rusting needles were two little tapes with tiny little press studs at either end, and I had no idea what they were for.

In the end it came to me, they hold your bra straps into your shirt (or your shirt to your bra straps). Uh huh, I know, amazing! You just sew the little things into your shirt at the right spot and then you clip your bra straps into them. So simple, so clever. You could even make your own with a piece of ribbon and your own press studs.

What I want to know is, why don’t you see these anymore? Every top that flashed your lacy bits to the world (assuming you didn’t want to flash your lacy bits, your choice) could come with a pair. At least you should be able to buy them and sew them in yourself, but I’ve never even seen them. I don’t even know what they’re called. Do they have a proper name, does anyone know?

* Update -Rebecca from The Space Between My Peers says that these are called lingerie straps and are sold in fabric stores in the US.


Individual idea

01 October 2009

A short message to the woman in the green pants

This is a short message to the woman in the pale green pants.

Yes, you have a smoking hot body. Yes, you look fantastic for your age. Yes, that pale green colour looks fabulous on you. Yes, your cream pumps and top really work.


Your pants are too tight. No, really. They are toooo tight. That fabulous pale green colour is hiding nothing. No, really, nothing.

Image care of How Stuff Works.


Just couldn't give a...