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29 September 2009

The summer shoe search - VICTORY!

I'm on the hunt for summer shoes, Part 1
I’m still on the hunt for summer shoes, Part 2

As you may remember, I’ve been on the search for a pair of mid height heels for summer. My taste for summer shoes runs to most people’s winter shoes, so the shoes I’ve been looking at are both mostly on special, and in limited sizes. What can I say, it’s been frustrating.

However, I have had victory at last. Twice. Because one pair of shoes is never enough.

The first pair is the Kardienne from Wittner in their Classic Corporate range (you’ll have to scroll to find them). They weren’t what I was really looking for, but when I put them on my feet, I knew they would be just right. They have a very 1950 feel, lovely almond point to the toe, bow detail across the nose of the shoe, and heels of just the right height. They are reasonably comfortable to walk in, and I’ve only gotten a few blisters, mainly when I was bare footed.

You can’t quite see it from the photos, but the heel itself has this great triangular shape. They even came with a spaire pair of heel-tips! The whole look is quirky, but pretty, just what I was after. I did have to pay real money for these ones though, but it was worth it.

The second pair is the Lucky Day pump from Kenneth Cole Reaction in maroon, my favourite brand (this will be the fourth pair of shoes from them). The colour is so me, and the cut-out detail is really sweet. I didn’t particularly want a Mary-Jane strap, but I certainly don’t object to it. The heel height is great again, and the heels and the rubber soles are coloured to match the leather. They are on the tight side, but they should stretch and become a great pair of shoes.

I rarely buy shoes from overseas, but I make an exception for the Kenneth Cole Reaction. I cannot find them in Australia, so I am forced to get them from the US instead. However, when they’re US$20 on eBay with US$40 postage, that still makes them cheaper than buying most shoes in Australia. They didn’t come with a box, but what do I care? I’d throw out the box as soon as it arrived anyway.

All-in-all, I’m really satisfied with my new shoes. Both were good buys.


Super shoes

28 September 2009

Icy wears...

Icy wears... @ Individual ChicOK, here’s yet another black outfit, more architectural than the previous ones. All this black isn’t getting boring is it?

  • Black turtle neck top with long sleeves from Target
  • Black cropped jacket with cropped, belled sleeves from K-mart of all places
  • Black pencil skirt from City Chic, (heavily modified by me to actually give it a pencil shape)
  • Black tights from Voodoo
  • Keno Ruby Red stiletto pumps from Nine West (of course)

I love the look of the long sleeves coming out from under the cropped jacket. This is an effective look and you can pull off something similar with long gloves as well.


Icy wears...

25 September 2009

Vintage Icy – Striped pants, you just gotta be careful

Originally posted 9 March 2007

Striped pants can work, I know they can. A subtle pinstripe is a lovely look and suits most people, but seriously, the word “subtle” is the key here.

I saw a lady today who missed the memo. She had white and black pants on, striped white and black pants, 3cm white stripes and 3cm black stripes, and I thought to myself "loud". Now this doesn't have to be a sad story, you can do loud striped pants, but there is one important aspect you absolutely must consider: where do the stripes join?

Just imagine, the bold black and white stripes are rising up from your ankles, past your knees and towards... I think you get the idea. A black join is fine; a white join, not as good; but a black join, with a strip of white right in the middle, just for emphasis, not good at all. Stripes can work, but arrows making a bee-line for your bits are a big no-no.


Vintage Icy

24 September 2009

The Emmy's 2009

I didn't get to see the Emmy's this year. They weren't on TV here. As such, I've had to live vicariously through the pictures. Here are my favourites.

First is Kristen Chenowith in a pretty and perky frock. Next is Sandra Oh looking just ... classy. Last in this row, mainly because she is an Aussie and she won is Toni Collette.

Next is Tina Fey, because she's wearing a black dress that fits, has shape and draping, but still looks fabulous (so many of them didn't). Heidi Klum is always a stunner, and is again (and the clever use of a very long dress could easily hide flat shoes). And finally, the absolute uncontested best dress of the night worn by Jennifer Carpenter.

Images care of New York Magazine.



22 September 2009

I had a facial and all I got from it was this pimple

I was feeling a little run down, so I decided to treat myself to something special, a facial and a massage. Now, I’d like to say up front I have never had a facial before, nope never; not even before my wedding (I just never got around to ii). So, I’m always up for trying something new, so I booked myself into an Ella Bache in one of my local shopping centres.

They were on time, which is always a plus, and a nice young girl (she was young, she talked about homework and I don’t think she meant TAFE or Uni) showed me into a darkened room. She gave me precise instructions about what to take off and what to leave on (always appreciated in a new situation) and left me to relax face down for five minutes.

So I lay face down for five minutes, listening to dolphins frolic in the waves, and I wondered when she was coming back. If only she’d played me some U2 I would have been supremely comfortable. As it was, I kept thinking to myself “let’s get on with this, I’ve got things to do”.

I’m sure she’d been taught to say that, and I doubt she knew any better, but that is BULLSH*T (excuse my capitals).

The young girl came back in and started with the massage. It was nice, but for me she simply didn’t have strong enough hands. I’d had a massage before (once) and left feeling pleasantly wobbly. This time I felt ... unsatisfied.

I turned over for the facial part. We had a small consultation about my skin type and I explained how I still get a bit of acne as well as blackheads (even though I’m 33). She pulled out a black light and used it to look at my skin, explaining how it “looked under the top layer of skin”. I’m sure she’d been taught to say that, and I doubt she knew any better, but that is BULLSH*T (excuse my capitals).

I looked rather funky under the black light though. All of my freckles stood out wonderfully, even the ones that are too pale to notice. My lips went really dark and the rest of my skin went really white. (Great idea for any photographers out there.) Anyway, she told me that because my skin was showing up really white, it meant that my skin was really dry. I was thinking to myself “nooo, my skin looks really white because it’s really white”.

After I was thoroughly sick of dolphins...she asked me how I felt, and I said good. I lied.

Anyway, she gave my face a good scrubbing, twice, and then applied a moisturising mask to my face and a cleansing one to my chest and left me to contemplate the dolphins for 15 minutes or so.

After I was thoroughly sick of dolphins, she came back and removed the masks. She asked me how I felt, and I said good. I lied. I felt about how I felt when I went in.

I dressed and endured the sales routine (which was pleasantly not pushy). I paid and left. That night, I developed a large and unattractive pimple on my chin, probably in reaction to the moisturising mask. I don’t think I’ll be going back. For the cost of a facial and massage (AU$150), I could have had a new pair of shoes. I know what I’ll be choosing next time.

So, you tell me. Is this what a facial is all about. Should it have been better? Did I get ripped off?
Image care of the Ella Bache website.


Make me up

21 September 2009

Icy wears...

Icy wears @ Individual ChicI feel really smart in this outfit. There are some lovely sharp lines in this lot.

This is a great outfit to layer warmer or cooler depending on the weather.


Icy wears...

19 September 2009

Links à la Mode


Beyond Fashion Week

Edited by Ashe Mischief

There’s a certain amount of irony in the fact I edited this week’s Links a la Mode, as it’s New York Fashion Week– because it’s something I’ve never actually covered before. Style moves on– whether it’s fashion week or the holidays, or the worst day of your life, and for that, we’ve got a bit of coverage from NYFW, some great posts to challenge your mind and body, and a bit of eye candy to tide us over through the weekend.

Links à la Mode : September 17th


Links à la mode

18 September 2009

Vintage Icy - Suits and thongs really irritate me

Originally published 3rd March 2007

Suits and thongs really irritate me @ Individual ChicI just don't get it. Women, wearing lovely skirt suits, who choose to finish off their look by throwing on a pair of the cheapest, tackiest thongs they can find (read flip-flops for non-Australians). And these are not the nice thongs, in leather or with shiny colours; these are the terrible plastic ones that look like they are made from car tyres.

But what's wrong with a pair of ballet flats, or strappy sandals, or anything?

It's just so inappropriate. I understand the desire not to wear high heels to work; I have the same impulse myself. I just leave the heels in a box under the desk and shuffle around the office in them to avoid crippling myself for life. But what's wrong with a pair of ballet flats, or strappy sandals, or anything? Even sneakers would be better, I mean really...


Stupid shoes

17 September 2009

Perfect shoes for the pool - GB Ipanema

We’re off to fine and sunny Brisbane shortly to visit relatives, some of whom have just arrived back from England. There will be warm weather involved, and possibly pools, so I needed myself a pair of fashionable shoes for just such an occasion (I’ve already got the swimmers).

During one of the many hunting expeditions over the past little while for new summer shoes has hauled me the perfect pair (though from last season); a lovely pair of Gisele Bündchen’s Ipanema GB shoes/flip-flops/thongs from Novo Shoes. They’re all plastic so no worries about getting them wet, textured sole so no worries about slipping out of them while wet, and they still look very pretty (and they’re even mostly black).

I’m not a fan of thongs; actually I loath them. But these, these pass muster.


Super shoes

15 September 2009

7 simple steps when shopping for swimwear

Seafolly Australia @ Individual ChicIt’s moving into summer here in Australia, and I’m off to Brisbane shortly to visit relatives. So, I naturally need a new pair of fashionable swimmers. The current pair are boring brown, and they don’t really look that great. As such, I naturally decided I should take myself shopping.

Myer and David Jones are pretty much the one-stop-shops for swimmers here in Sydney, so I rocked up there one day after work. After trying on 14 pairs of swimmers (2 x 7, see what I did there) I’ve realised a number of rules.

  1. Most size AU16 swimmers don’t have big enough cups. Listen, swimwear makers, if a lady is wearing size AU16, it’s more than likely she’ll have the boobs to go with it. I don’t mind cleavage, but I really don’t want to spill out the sides.
  2. Seafolly Australia @ Individual ChicPowermesh* is a wonderful thing. All swimmers should have powermesh in them. Why would swimwear makers make swimmers without it? Oh, and a little power mesh around the bum wouldn’t go astray either.
  3. One piece swimmers are only good if you have just the right body length. If you’re like me and have a long body (extra length between the boobs and the bum) standard swimmers just don’t work. From the side your boobs are squashed flat (rather than uplifted) because the cups sit too low. If you’re short waisted, there is too much material around the stomach and you lose the effect of the powermesh. Out of the 9 standard suits I tried on, only one was long enough for my body. If you have a short or long body, go for a tankini instead.
  4. Boy-legged bottoms don’t suit big girls. You may think you’d like a little extra coverage over what you think is an unfortunately big bum (I think your bum looks beautiful), but you’re kidding yourself. That contrasting line across the widest part of your hips isn’t doing you any favours. Go for a standard leg, not cut too high, but not too low either. If you’re worried about your but, get a great wrap or other cover-up to wear poolside.
  5. Don’t buy your swimmers too loose. You may feel self conscious about your body, but a saggy baggy suit won’t help any body issues you may have. Make sure your suit has powermesh and sucks you in at all the right places. The right suit should make you look skinnier in it than out.
  6. Underwire cups for big boobs are essential. You want to look your best in your swimmers don’t you? You can only do this if your boobs are lifted and supported and in their proper place. In the same way a great bra is the foundation of a great outfit, a great underwire is the foundation of a great swimsuit.
  7. Seafolly Australia @ Individual ChicA tankini should cover all the way down and all the way up. If you’ve got the body for it, it won’t matter if your tankini top rides up, or if you’re showing a sexy bit of hip. If you don’t have the body for it (like me) you want a pair of briefs that have a roll top (with powermesh) that you can roll up, and a top that you can pull down well over your belly. Lift your arms up, can you see a band of skin? If so, try a different style.

Trying on all those pairs of swimmers wasn’t wasted. I managed to work out 7 fashion rules that will stand me in good stead for future years, and after all that, I did manage to find a good pair of swimmers. I bought the Seafolly Luau DD/E Wrap Front Singlet and the Seafolly Matt Separates 2009 Roll Top Pant (in black of course). You’ll excuse me if I don’t model these for you personally.

* Powermesh should be said in your head in your best 1950s announcer voice “Saving women everywhere, da da daaa, Powermesh!”


Lovely lingerie

14 September 2009

Icy wears...

This outfit gets worn a lot to work. What can I say; I love to wear black.

  • Black t-shirt with scooped neck from Barkins
  • Black shrug from Portmans
  • Black pencil skirt from City Chic, (heavily modified by me to actually give it a pencil shape)
  • Black tights from Voodoo
  • Keno Ruby Red stiletto pumps from Nine West (of course)
  • Antique style necklace from a store in the Queen Victoria Building that is long gone

I don't actually own that many clothes, so a lot of peices get re-worked into new outfits fairly often.


Icy Wears…

12 September 2009

Links à la Mode


Shifting Gears

Edited by Jennine

It’s here. Summer’s (basically) over, back to school, back to work… even in fashion today is the official first day of Fashion Week madness, and New York is only the beginning. I’ve always thought once Labor Day rolled around, we shifted gears realizing that the year is almost out it’s time to start packing it all in! This week, we’ve got an amazing round of links…seriously, it was so hard to pick only 20. Style Amor wonders if we really need fashion week at all… Heavy Heels sense the Winds of Change, as models start chopping their locks, The Demoiselles start a getting healthy project for a bunch of ladies, kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS gets an remarkable interview with Patricia Ayers.

Links à la Mode : September 10th


Description here

11 September 2009

Vintage Icy - Take on a tie

Originally published 23rd February 2007

Victoria Beckham, from the Sydney Morning Herald, 19/02/2007I often wear a scarf as a tie in winter with a close fitted vest. The feminine scarf with a masculine knot provides an interesting contrast, as well as the masculine vest with a feminine cut.

Victoria Beckham, from the Sydney Morning Herald, 19/02/2007.

However, I love this look as an alternative to a skinny tie. It gives the impression of a tie but with a really interesting point of difference in its width. The length is also important, not too short, but not flapping over her bust either.

The look would be absolutely perfect if her collar was exactly matched to the width of the tie, and her shirt wasn’t pulling.


Individual ideas

10 September 2009

Ruby Red Shoes – The first outing

Part 1 - the first glance
Part 2 - the first date

Those ruby red shoes were simply too fine not to be seen by all, so I slipped them on over the black tights I was wearing and took my ruby red shoes to lunch. I stood, feeling fine in my black pencil skirt and walked gracefully though the carpeted office to the lift.

On the way down, there were covetous glances towards my feet from the other women riding to lunch. I wasn’t sure how I should feel; should I feel shy with all the attention, or should I relish it? But I knew my ruby red shoes would never allow themselves to languish in the darkness, so I strode out through the doors, full of confidence and accepting of the attention.

Those ruby red shoes were simply too fine not to be seen by all.

The fine and slender heel of my ruby red shoe hit the marble floor of the foyer and I knew something was wrong. I slithered forward awkwardly, stumbling to keep my feet, and came to a stop, my hand grasping the wall to steady myself. I took another step, slowly, and the other heel also nearly slithered out from under my feet. What was happening? Why were my perfect shoes slipping all over the place?

After a few more careful steps, I realised. I didn’t know how to walk in these perfect shoes. None of my other shoes had taught me that stiletto heels required a certain skill to navigate the icy expanses of a marble floor. I felt humbled. Not only were these perfect shoes gracing my feet, but they also were teaching me a lesson, that of how to walk gracefully in all circumstances.

After a few more careful steps, I realised; I didn’t know how to walk in these perfect shoes.

Nine West-Keno (Red/Dark Red Synthetic)

Nine West-Keno (Red/Dark Red)

Buy now from Zappos

I shortened my forceful stride, and stepped carefully across the floor, making sure to place the ruby red heel carefully and walk with composure. With each step my confidence and grace increased and by the time I had reached the door, I felt that I was beginning to master the intricate skill of walking in those perfect ruby red shoes.

That night, when I reached home, I removed my ruby red shoes from my bag, and vigorously scuffed the soles. Perfect.


Super shoes

08 September 2009

The pros and cons of a limited colour palette

Colour palettes @ Individual ChicI looked at my clothes the other day and realised I have a very limited colour palette in there, and I mean very limited. Guess how many colours are in my wardrobe? Go on, guess? Hmm, guessing doesn’t really work on a blog post, does it? Ok, I’ll tell you.

Five, I have five colours in my wardrobe. Yep, that’s it. And I mean literally five. Those five special colours (and pretty much in order of amount) are:

  1. Black, black and more black. A staple neutral in my wardrobe. At least half of my wardrobe is black. Hmm, I’ve never counted, so possibly more than half. I mix it up with different shapes and textures, but A LOT of it is black.

  2. Brown. Another staple neutral. Mostly it’s dark brown and quite a lot of it as well. Brown shirts, brown shoes. No brown pants though. I use brown on days I want “warm” colours.

  3. Grey. The last staple neutral in my wardrobe. Grey shirts, grey pants, grey stockings. I use grey on days I want “cool” colours. I don’t usually wear the grey and brown together though.

  4. Red. Now this runs the spectrum from cherry red, to burgundy, to maroon, but it’s all pretty much red. I like red, red suits me. Red goes with black, and can be a cool colour with grey or a warm colour with brown. Red is good.

  5. Purple. This is a new addition this season, and it’s working for me. The purple goes with grey and brown as well, and makes an unconventional burst of colour when paired with red.

  6. Wait, there is no six. That’s it.*

Colour palettes @ Individual ChicWow, do those colours look familiar. Oh yes. I’ve ended up using them on this blog as well. Oh well, I’m nothing if not consistent.

Other colours occasionally make their way into my drawers, usually because I think to myself, “I really should get a few more colours to wear”. After a few months, they make their way back out again, because they’re just taking up space that could be used for just one more black t-shirt.

The pros of all this (and to get to the whole point of this post) are:

  1. Just about anything I pull out of my cupboard with go with anything else. I decide if it’s a grey or brown day, and then I go from there.

  2. Mostly, I spend very little time choosing what to wear. Most of the time is spent making sure the architectural shapes work together (can I wear this boxy cropped jacket with a pencil skirt).

  3. Shopping is easier as well. I know the colours that suit me, and I go for those. The things I buy in these colours stick around for some time as well, so I get a high value per wear.

OK, now to the cons.

  1. Yes, sometimes my wardrobe is BORING. Note how I said I “mostly” spend very little time choosing what to wear? Well occasionally I just can’t find anything to wear. I crave a little colour (or at least something not black) and I just can’t find it and I’ll spend an hour or two trying different combinations to find something that “pops”.

  2. Actually, that’s the only con for me.
So, why don’t you tell me. How many colours are there in your wardrobe? And are there any more cons to having a limited colour palette?

* OK, I admit to owning 1 blue denim jacket, 1 indigo pair of jeans (I thought they were black when I bought them), and 1 gold cropped jacket (which really falls into my brown category) and a pair of cream shoes. But that’s it.


Do it yourself details

07 September 2009

Icy wears...

So, this outfit is a fun one for me. It’s got strong shapes, lots of colour (for me) and is easy to wear.


Icy wears...

06 September 2009

NuffNang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards

NuffNang is hosting a fabulous awards night for Asia-Pacific bloggers, and guess what, YOU could be there!

If you have a blog, nominate yourself and your friends now in one of eight subject categories and 3 overall categories.

If you don’t have a blog, one lucky person who nominates the most blogs wins themselves (and a partner) and all expenses paid trip to Singapore for the ceremonies.

So, what are you waiting for? Go nominate the best blogs in Asia-Pacific now! Nominations are only open until the 13th of September, so get moving.

I have to say, I'd love it if you would nominate Individual Chic as well ^_^


Individual ideas

05 September 2009

Links à la Mode


Style Within Means

Edited by Debutante Clothing

As the summer winds down and I start planning my Fall wardrobe, I’m overwhelmed by thoughts of how to create a wardrobe on a budget. This week, we have a ton of posts on how to find great style within a budget. Fashion Pulse Daily gives us the top denim looks under $50 and The Recessionista is reporting Anna Wintour is heading to Macy’s for Fashion Night Out. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode : Sepetember 3rd


Links a la Mode

04 September 2009

I’m still on the hunt for summer shoes

I'm on the hunt for summer shoes, Part 1

I left work early and took myself on a walk up to Pitt Street Mall in the centre of Sydney for some more shoe searching. I had exactly 45 minutes before I had to be on a train, so I was on a mission.

As an aside, Pitt Street Mall has been decimated. Out of the eight shopping centres/buildings hanging off it, 4 are not there anymore; they’re being rebuilt from the ground up. The whole mall is just a series of blank white boards with a few advertisements along it. I agree that some of the building needed up dating, but ALL OF THEM AT ONCE! Ahem. Anyway…

Bullet from Wittner @ Individual ChicFirst I stopped in at the Wittner shoe store on the corner of Pitt and George Street, and lo and behold, they had the Bullet in the store. OK, so it wasn’t the shoe I was looking for, but I tried it on anyway, sacrificing minutes of my valuable time. And you know what? I was a bit disappointed. They only had the all black version in the store, and it ended up looking a little overbalanced on the foot, with too much emphasis on the toe. I wonder if the two-tone might look better.

Anyway, I moved on. I dropped into Mollini and Midas in the Glasshouse, but all their shoes were either flats or very high heels with nothing in between.

Next stop was Emporio, for their 4 floors of shoes (small floors admittedly). I’d seen a lovely looking pair of red pumps on the Scooter Shoes website that looked just perfect. Unfortunately, when I tried them on the heel looked just a bit too … pregnant. You can’t see it in the shot, but the top part of the heel is very rounded. The vamp where it meets the foot also had a rather sharpish edge, which is bound to cause blisters. I might keep these in reserve if I can’t find anything else.

Then it was onto Myers, who at least have a big range in the city, and once again I was stymied. Shoes were either too tall or flat. The heels in the comfortable mid-height were all conventional work shoes, and totally NOT what I was looking for. I abandoned Myer as a bad lot and moved on.

The final stop of my whirlwind shop was David Jones. The lift took me straight up to the sixth floor, full of shoes, and I was hopeful. After striding through the displays, my hopes were crushed again. There wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen elsewhere. Even the really expensive shoes (which I wasn’t going to buy anyway) didn’t have anything that was close to what I wanted.
I’m not sure what I do now. Maybe I’m being too restrictive on the peep-toe thing. I might have to call around to a few Betts stores and see what I can find.


Super shoes

02 September 2009

Gladiator sandals and skinny jeans, a clever look

I was in my local shopping centre, which is not known for its foremost style, when I saw a girl with an effective but inexpensive look.

She was wearing ankle high brown gladiator sandals (I think from K-Mart), skinny blue jeans that bunched at her ankles, a grey diagonally striped batwing top (rather 80s) and a small brown handbag with a cross-the-body strap (not costing more than $20).

The match of grey and brown wasn’t working for me (it was more of a tan and light grey). The clever part of the outfit was what she had done with the sandals.

Rather than the jeans covering the sandals in the normal, boring way, she had fastened them over the jeans at the ankles, emphasising the sandals and the skinniness of the jeans, while creating a subtle harem pant look. The whole outfit couldn’t have cost more than $80 but it looked great.

If you own gladiator sandals, consider wearing them over your pants for an interesting twist.


Individual ideas

01 September 2009

Ruby red shoes, a love story - the first date

Part 1 - the first glance

I carried those ruby red shoes through the streets of the city, carefully contained in their crisp white box, in a crisp white bag. I reached the office and slid out the white box. Breathing deeply, I opened the lid and revealed those two perfect shoes, nestled within the soft, white embrace of the tissue that surrounded them. They seemed shy, coy perhaps, a little uncertain of my regard for them. I reached out my hand and gently drew them from their carriage and placed them on the desk in front of me.

Once again I admired their form: the red beauty of their colour, the texture of the leather, the fineness of the straps, the tall elegance of the heel.

Ruby Red Shoes @ Individual ChicSuddenly, I pulled from my feet the dowdy, everyday shoes I had been wearing, and reverently slid the ruby red shoe onto my foot. The slender straps I slid into the waiting buckles, and drew them tight. I placed the second shoe beside the first, then fastening, and then standing.

Once again, there was a trill that ran up my spine at the sublime fit of these shoes. It was if they had been made for my feet, and my feet alone.

Suddenly, I pulled from my feet the dowdy, everyday shoes I had been wearing, and reverently slid the ruby red shoe onto my foot.

I stood, and the cuffs of my pants slipped down, demurely, covering the ruby red shoes. I stepped out, hesitantly as first, unsure of myself and unsure of how things might be. As I grew in confidence, my pace lengthened, quickened, and I walked forward with grace to the kitchen on the other side of the office. I was pleased, very pleased, at how our first encounter had progressed, and I poured myself a cup of soothing herbal tea.

Nine West-Keno (Red/Dark Red Synthetic)
Nine West-Keno (Red/Dark Red)
Buy now from Zappos
A colleague stood at the sink, filling her own cup, and she looked at me quizzically, noticing that I stood taller, straighter. “Is something different about you?” she asked. “New shoes,” I replied, lifting the leg of my pant so that she could admire the ruby red shoes that encased my feet. She nodded, in a slow and admiring way, realising the potency of the shoes. “Nice,” she said. “Cost much?”

“Nope,” I replied. “They were on sale.”


Super shoes