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31 August 2009

Icy wears...

This outfit is a casual outfit for me. I wore this on a Friday while squiring Miss Icy around. It’s comfortable but looks nice as well.

I’m still looking for the perfect dress in a colour other than black (because really, I have enough black dresses). This one is not perfect, but it’s OK.


Icy Wears...

29 August 2009

Links à la Mode


Playing Dress Up

Edited by Jordana

I’m in the process of moving to New York City, just in time for Fashion Week, which kicks off in two weeks. In browsing through all the link submissions this week, I couldn’t help but tie it all back to one very important question lingering on my mind – what the heck am I going to wear? This week’s round-up speaks to the art of ”getting dressed.” We have inspiration posts from Cake not Coke and Style on the Street, style how-to’s from Denim Debutante (she was also quoted in the WSJ this week, here!) and The Coveted, and a variety of interviews. One of my favorites was Prom Mafia’s DIY for converting your boyfriend’s tee into a tunic – love it!

For those plannig to attend fashion week, make sure you RSVP for the IFB Dress Up Soiree and panel discussion on evolving influence! Special thanks to Moxsie and Microsoft Windows phones for their support!

Links à la Mode : August 27th

  • 39th and Broadway: Are You a Fashion Sellout?
  • Brick My Lane: Interview with Fee Doran, aka Mrs Jones – the woman behind Oxfam DIY and that famous white catsuit.
  • Cake not Coke: Vanity Fair Setpember ‘09 Toujours Couture - A Stitch in Time.
  • Chicago Style: Interview with Monica Dimperio, of the Chicago street style blog The MidWasteland
  • Clutch 22: Exclusive scoop on Seattle indie greentrepreneurs – Sara Seumae of SPUN Clothing collaborates with Tara Smith of Revival Ink (plus a contest)
  • Denim Debutante: The reasons you should love Rich & Skinny denim, along with tips for the three best cuts and how to wear them
  • Dramatis Personae: Unveiling the feminine fashion stylings of independent designer Claire la Faye…
  • Dream Sequins: Shoptalk with Cherie of online vintage marketplace Shrimpton Couture, which collaborates with emerging designers
  • Fashion Pulse: Check out the new trend in leggings, by way of geometric prints and loads of grey!
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers : Dress UP for NYFW
  • Prom Mafia: Raid your boyfriend’s closet: How to turn his t-shirts into cute girly tunics
  • Retro Chick: What happens at a Burlesque Lesson?
  • Saved for Best: Girls on Film – A celebration and run down of the best-dressed films
  • Shop Fair: Top 5 obstacles fair trade and “green” fashion labels have to overcome to be more successful
  • Style on the Street: Three photoshoots inspiring trends for the next season
  • Style Symmetry: The Symmetry Seven with Rhiannon of Liebemarlene Vintage
  • Sweet Fuzz: Rustic Elegance - independent fashion designer Dace’s beautiful Fall line
  • The Coveted: Charlotte Russe Review – Mixing in Fast Fashion
  • The Demoiselles: Shopping for your body type is hard enough without a recession; shopping on the cheap is even harder


Links à la Mode

28 August 2009

I’m on the hunt for summer shoes

My fierce hunting instincts have been aroused. I want new shoes. Not just any new shoes, but a specific pair. I love my Kumfs Kinky boots so much that I want something similar I can wear in summer (they’d be way to warm on a hot day). Specifically I’m looking for:

  • A mid-height heel pump (I have flats, low kitten heels and high heels, just no mid height heels)
  • No open toes, no sandles, no slingbacks (I just don't like them)
  • Louie or wedge style heel by preference
  • Non-stiletto (because I plan to walk in them)
  • Very comfortable and that don’t give me blisters every time I wear them
  • Able to be walked in for a few kilometres in one go
  • Elegant
  • And a little bit unusual to look at, think quirky (not to much to ask, is it?)

I’ve done an initial look around, and well, I’ve been a bit disappointed. My first stop was Kumfs Australia, but I usually find their court shoes are just a bit too ... chunky. I know they’re designed to fit an orthotic insert in them, but it doesn’t make for pretty pumps (their boots on the other hand are lovely). It was a remote chance, but there wasn’t anything I liked.

Bullet from Wittner @ Individual ChicWittner was the next stop and I saw a few options, but nothing that jumped out and said “buy me”. The Bullet in Black and Cream on their website is rather fine though. (It doesn’t fill my walkability requirements AT ALL. Can I get them anyway, please?)

Darcy from Betts @ Individual ChicBetts had the perfect pair of shoes, the Darcy, fitting all of my requirements. They were black, with a leather rose sculpted over the toe, and very comfortable. Unfortunately they were end of season stock, so they only had one in a size 40. The lady at the counter said to check back Friday afternoon, as she was getting more sale stock in then (and I may just do that). I think I’ll also “let my fingers do the walking” and call around to see if there are any more stores conveniently nearby that might have them.

Other than that, there was nothin’, nada, naught. I think my next stop is to check out the city stores and see what they have. I’ll keep you up to date.


Super shoes

27 August 2009

My new cheap and cheerful shoes are killing me

Cheap and cheerful shoes @ Individual ChicI have a darling pair of new wedges in the cheap and cheerful price range, which I picked up for just AU$35 from Give Way Shoes, new in one of my local shopping centres. Don't they look great with my grey stockings?

Ok, I admit, they’re cheap shoe, really cheap, and I don’t just mean in price; the construction is by no means great, but I don’t think they should be hurting me this much.

My cheap and cheerful shoes look so cute, but I think I’m getting what I paid for.

There is no padding in the sole, so I’ve added some of those lovely gel pads under the ball of my feet. This didn’t help. If anything, it has made the pain worse, as my toes are getting folded into funny shapes and they’re rubbing in odd spots. My poor feet are just not coping.

My cheap and cheerful shoes look so cute, but I think I'm getting what I paid for.


Stupid shoes

25 August 2009

Ruby red shoes, a love story - the first glance

Ruby Red Shoes @ Individual ChicI hadn’t meant to go into the shoe store. I should have been back at the office, staring into the dull computer screen, working my way through some meaningless task or other but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. Nine West, it was just there, so I went in.

And there they were, the Nine West Keno in Red/Dark Red, sitting low, on the bottom shelf with the other sale peices, like a wallflower waiting for someone to take her dancing. I picked them up, and sucked in my breath at their perfection. How could these splendid shoes be relegated to the bottom shelf?

They were red and black faux crocodile skin, 1cm platform, 9.5cm high stiletto heeled, with diagonal Mary-Jane straps – so very, very me. I turned them over reverently in my hands, and there on the sole, the sale sticker. It read, and I couldn’t believe it, AU$49, down from $129, a magnificent 60% discount. My breathing quickened at the thought of owning such a shoe, but wait, did they even have my size? It was a sale item, and so often the only one left is meant for someone else.

My breathing quickened at the thought of owning such a shoe,

Ruby Red Shoes @ Individual ChicA polite young woman approached and asked if she could help. I think she was a little taken aback at the emotion in my voice as I tremulously asked “Do you have these in a 38?” She looked at me though with understanding and in a kind voice said “I’ll check for you. Why don’t you take a seat?” Her thoughtfulness moved me. She was right; I needed to be sitting down for the inevitable disappointment. I lowered myselft onto the bench, knees quietly trembling, heart beating unsteadily, as I waited for news.

Then, a glimmer of hope. She returned, bearing a box, held carefully between her hands, and offered to me. “It was a 38 you wanted, wasn’t it?” she asked. I nodded, unable to speak and took the box from her. I opened it with care and removed the red, ruby gems. My own grubby, everyday shoes were removed, and these two paragons of cobbler’s art placed on my feet. I stood, and it seemed like angels sang, for they fitted and, not only that, I could walk. I stepped to the mirror and gazed at my feet, framed in red, and I knew it was meant to be. They looked like they had always been there, like they belonged.

Nine West-Keno (Red/Dark Red Synthetic)

Nine West-Keno (Red/Dark Red)

Buy now from Zappos

My own grubby, everyday shoes were removed, and these two paragons of cobbler’s art placed on my feet.

I removed the jewels and wrapped them carefully in their crisp, white, tissue paper and returned them to their box. I closed the lid on them, hiding their light for a while and handed them back to the young woman. “I’ll take these please,” I said, my heart alit with love. She smiled at me, understanding that an unbreakable bond had just been formed, and asked, “Cash or card?”

Continue to Part 2 - the first date


Super shoes

24 August 2009

Icy wears...

I was feeling a bit “French” inspired this week, so I wore...
  • Fine grey and black striped t-shirt with long belled sleaves from Cue
  • Black ass-tastic Capture bootlegged pants from EziBuy (if you follow my twitter feed you'll probably already know all about my ass-tastic pants)
  • Black bolero from Portmans
  • Black and grey scarf, tied in a bow at the neck, from who knows where (it should be a red and black one, but I’ll have to buy one first)
  • Ruby red platform stiletto Mary-Jane shoes from NineWest.

I felt cute and comfortable in this outfit, and I was happy with the way it and I looked.


Icy Wears...

22 August 2009

Links à la Mode

links a la mode

Beauty, Style, & the Blogosphere

Edited by Ashe Mischief

Beauty and Style come in many forms, and this weeks Links á la Mode choices showcase the many discussions entering the world of fashion blogging at the moment: excessive judgments, the value of personalities, and cultivating your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty. Bonne-Vie challenges the values of the show “More to Love” and Fivve Blog shares model sensation Lara Stone. Newcomer Jaka’s Tea Party calls to action with the Wholestyle Manifesto and Betsey J asks “Are we too judgmental as fashion bloggers?”

Not to overshadow this weeks Links á la Mode with too heavy of discussions, we’ve also go a great roundup of make-up tutorials & inspiration, along with great DIY projects & giveaways in the forums!

Links à la Mode : August 20th

  • Ask ThinkThru: – What Can You Wear From the Office To an Event?
  • Betsey J: – Have we become too judgemental when it comes to fashion & style?
  • Bonne Vie: – Fox is doin’ it wrong with new reality show “More to Love”
  • BRICK MY LANE: – 3-in-1 DIYs: Ripping, slashing andd patching everything, rock’n'roll style
  • Broke & Beautiful – International Indie Designers can be found with Novica, plus an opportunity to REALLY make a difference by shopping.
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor – Fed up of emails from big fashion brands demanding interviews, I decided to speak to a young, bright and new designer instead.
  • Denim Debutante: – How to Clean & Care for Your Premium Denim
  • fivve blog: – If you have a fashion mag addiction, then you probably have seen who W Magazine is calling the “fashion it-girl” Lara Stone.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: What's so great about Gravatars?
  • Jaka's Tea Party – A mission statement for a new movement that believes style isn’t about the clothes you wear, it’s about being a whole person.
  • Little Miss Makeup: – Pretty makeup is an evergreen fashion trend. Get the low-down on how to get the look!
  • Meilily: – Highlights the debut collection of Project Runway phenom Christian Siriano for VS Makeup.
  • pie wacket: – yesterday I worked with Kiehl’s to create a wonderful late summer giveaway and shot an original beauty story to demo the products.
  • Rags to Reverie: – 2 days ago Space 15 Twenty’s Pangaea Pop-Up makes deka ray’s architectural jewelry available for the masses
  • Retro Chick: – Why we buy – One woman’s journey in fashion and the decisions we make every day.
  • sweet archivia: – Anthropologie’s Secret Code – In-House Brand Guide
  • THE COVETED – The Coveted: Make that a double: Take Off Your Clothes Double T-Shirt Dress
  • The Demoiselles – Jennifer Nicole uncovers the secrets behind the new PETA ad, which degrades women based on weight.
  • The Fashion Planner: – The Fashion Planner’s Guide to Chicago offers great places to eat, shop, and more.
  • The Midnight Feast: – Did I really just put on black lipstick? How to tackle this trend: a guide for those who would prefer to leave the gothic look in the 90s.
  • Unfunded – Unfunded: White Rabbit Inspired Baubles
  • Wit & Whimsy: – First Look: Michael Kors Goes Hollywood Glam with the launch of


Links à la Mode

20 August 2009

5 steps to win a new Samsung Camera

If you’ve been reading Individual Chic, you’ll know that Samsung is releasing a new camera, called the ST500 and because YOU read Individual Chic, you’ll get a chance to win one of the 100 they’re giving away.

Samsung is running and online treasure-hunt for all you lucky readers. From today, August 20, till September 18, Samsung will be hiding clues in a select group of blogs, and Individual Chic is one of them, wheee ^_^.

To participate:

  1. Live in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin or Melbourne (sorry, this competition is restricted to these cities, but see the bottom of the page for another competition you could win)
  2. Follow Samsung’s twitter feed at (or use the search #samsungcapture) and the Tap and Take Australia Facebook Fan page to find which blog has the clue
  3. Head off to the featured blog and investigate thoroughly
  4. Find the clue!
  5. Report back to win a Samsung memory card, which is your exclusive ticket to a special event to pick up your new camera!

So, you ask, what exactly am I winning? What is the Tap and Take functionality? It’s a new camera with the funky ability to take a photo of yourself and your friends while watching the image; yep, the camera has two screens, one on the back and one on the front! How cool is that! So, no more setting of self timers or taking photos of yourself in the mirror so you can post your outfits on line. No more squishy faces or funny expressions when taking photos with your friends.

These fantastic new cameras come in some lovely shades. The ST500 is in pretty silver, red and blue. The ST550 is in black, gold, orange and purple. Personally, I'll be going for the red or black (don't tell me you're surprised).

So, don’t forget, for your chance to win, follow Samsung’s Twitter feed and Facebook Fan page and get HUNTING!

Other ways to win

Hey, you say, I don’t live in one of those cities. How can I win?

If you live in Australia, become fans of the Project Runway Oz Facebook page, and upload your favourite outfit. If you’re judged the best by Michael Finch (Season 2 contestant), you’ll win a Tap and Take camera, courtesy of Samsung. Draw closes 8pm Monday, so get your entries in!

If you live in the US, check out and follow the instructions on the page to win via Twitter.

Good luck!

Oh, and Individual Chic is up on Facebook. Come and be a fan.


Shop on-line

19 August 2009

Have High Tea with Rachel Gilbert

Rachel Gilbert @ Individual ChicFashion designer Rachel Gilbert is a well know designer; she’s worked with Lisa Ho, headed Nicky Hilton’s “Chick” label, and her designs are now worn by a list of A-listers, including the Veronicas.

As part of the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, you can have the opportunity to preview her summer “Crusie” collection and meet the designer herself, this Saturday 22 August at the Westin Hotel in Martin Place in Sydney.

If this is for you, tickets to this fabulous High Tea are available through Ticketek. And, as an added bonus, purchasing a ticket entitles you to 15% off your next dress purchase, and she makes such beautiful dresses (I think the Veronica Dress in white and green is my favourite).

So go, and have fun.


Fashionable Parades

18 August 2009

Shop on-line - EziBuy review

EziBuy Together Wool Blend Jacket in mulberry @ Indivdiual ChicErr, so, I’ve been a bit crazy in the on-line shopping department. But I can justify it all, I can (just in case Mr Icy might be reading this). I got a bit of a bonus from work, and I haven’t been buying much stuff, and it’s sooo much cheaper, and it’s a lot of fun to window shop, and the stuff fits me, and … oh, who am I kidding. I bought stuff and loved it (you can see everything I bought here).

Together Wool Blend Jacket in mulberry

EziBuy Capture Lace Bolero Top in black @ Indivdiual ChicI can’t even remember how I discovered EziBuy, but I ended up at their website somehow and I was very impressed by the range of women’s clothes, with 12 different lines, all aimed at a different market segment. The Capture range is their standard everyday and business wear (and up to a size 22), Heine is more smart, the Grace Hill is a more relaxed range, and Eve more relaxed still, Emerge, Maxshop and Urban are younger and fashion forward, Sara is plus sized, Together is beach glamour and Apart is work glamour

Capture Lace Bolero Top in black

Prices are very reasonable and cheaper than stores like Target, Katies, Suzanne Grae, and Sussan which they would be competing with. They have special Hotscoop e-mail sales three times a month, so it’s a good idea to wait until then to buy. The Clearance section is also well worth a look.

EziBuy Capture Bootleg Pant in black @ Individual ChicCapture Bootleg Pant in black (my ass-tastic pants)

Delivery is $10 standard and $15 express. Returns are easy and hassle free. If you’re just swapping a size or colour in the same style, EziBuy will ship it back to you for free, otherwise you pay shipping.

EziBuy Capture Wrap Front Dress in merlot @ Indidviual Chic

Capture Wrap Front Dress in merlot

Sizing was interesting. Their sizes seem to be large to me. According to EziBuy’s sizes, I’m a 22. I ordered the size 16/18 that I would buy in most stores and everything fitted me (though I prefer a snugger fit), including my new ass-tastic pants. I have terrible trouble finding pants that look great and I was DELIGHTED with these ones (and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll probably know it).

EziBuy Capture Lace Bolero Dress in black @ Individual ChicCapture Lace Bolero Dress in black (this one is sheer in back)

Their “Fit” guidelines are very helpful. Take your normal “shopping size” in a Classic Fit, you could go a size down if the garment is EziFit, you might need to go with what EziBuy recommend in an Emerge look.

I have to say, I don’t usually shop on-line; I’m always worried about how it’s going to fit or look. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with almost everything I’ve bought. I’ve only returned one dress that didn’t flatter me (and was cut a little large) and the customer support was good.

All in all, a great shopping experience and I would recommend EziBuy to anyone (they're also in New Zealand).

And just because you're really lucky, EziBuy is having a HOTSCOOP today, so you can get 40% of a whole heap of tops and pants, 30% off bed linen, and free delivery for orders over $70.

Note: this is an unpaid review and all products were bought with my own money.

Oh, and Individual Chic is up on Facebook. Come and be a fan.


Shop on-line

17 August 2009

Icy wears...

This used to be called “today I’m wearing” but as I just can’t guarantee I can post the outfit photo on the day I wore it, I’m doing it this way instead.

Icy Wears Outfit Post @ Individual ChicBecause the weather was so fine last week, I was able to get away with normal stockings, rather than tights, though in this photo I’m wearing neither. And yes, my legs are that white.

  • Black t-shirt with scooped neck from Barkins
  • Black pencil skirt from City Chic, (heavily modified by me to actually give it a pencil shape)
  • Cropped gold jacket from Veronika Maine
  • Jewellery is cheap imitation vintage in black and silver, but it suits the look
  • Black 8.5cm stiletto high heels are from Diana Ferrari (and could really do with some more padding on the soles)

This is a fun and professional look, and I’m channelling the Mad Men women while I’m wearing it, in my own particular way.

Oh, and Individual Chic is up on Facebook. Come and be a fan.


Icy wears...

16 August 2009

Coming up...

I thought you’d like to know what’s coming up in the next little while on Here is a list of posts that will be published in the next while and I plan to keep this page updated as to what is happening.

Regular posts happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Outfit posts on Mondays, Vintage Icy and other things on Fridays, Links à la Mode on Saturdays and news items (if I have them) on Sundays.

Here is a list of posts appearing on Individual Chic for the next few weeks (updated 17th of August 2009).
  • Shop on-line - EziBuy review
  • So, it turns out I like Louis Vuitton bags after all
  • Ruby red shoes, a love story - the first glance
  • My new cheap and cheerful shoes are killing me

No guarantee about the order, it could change at any time (and does, frequently) ^_^.

Photo care of

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15 August 2009

Links à la Mode

A Stylish New World

Edited by Jennine

Here we go with this week’s round of stylish links. Editing this week was quite difficult as there were so many great links to choose from and everyone had some fantastic news on the fashion front. One of the great things about the internet is that we can all find out what the smaller labels are doing and thinking. This week we have great interviews from 39th and Broadway, Fabulous Finds Gal, Style Gourmand and A Typical Atypical. We also have a brilliant DIY project on what to do with your fabric scraps on Brick My Lane.

Links à la Mode : August 13th

  • 39th and Broadway – Designer Interview; Delirius
  • A Typical Atypical – The wonderful Every Little Counts! With 15% off for readers!
  • Bobbins and Bombshells – Vintage Finds of the Week: Mad Men Secretary Accessories
  • breathe design – Enter to win accessories from the eryn brinié Fall 2009 collection!
  • BRICK MY LANE – DIY: putting scraps of fabric to good use by turning it into a ruffled neckpiece
  • ClandestineChic – Interview: Patricia Valery of Evil Needles
  • Denimaniac – Wood Wood’s S/S 2010 collection – a bit of street, a dash of fash and a whole lotta style!
  • dramatis personae – Quality vs. Vegan/Environmentally Sustainable
  • Fabulous Finds Gal – “Gardens in Grey” By Fashion Photographer Julia Pogodina And An Inspiring Interview
  • Fashion Pulse Daily – What was Your Favorite Summer 2009 Trend?
  • Fasshonaburu – A review on the now purchase-able Under.Ligne, the diffusion line by Doo.Ri.
  • Fete a Fete – Dancing all night and your 5-inch stilettos killing you? Bring some Rollasole emergency ballet flats with you!
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – NYFW SS10 Schedule + tips on getting in
  • Market Publique – Art Class: Vintage Abstract Prints
  • midnight feast – The Jean Genie
  • Retro Chick – Win – Reese Witherspoons first fragrance for Avon
  • Sterling Style – New York’s Rachel Antonoff Holiday 2010 Collection
  • Style Gourmand – Ag Kij of Net-a-Porter discusses Net-a-Porter’s new iPhone app and how technology and fashion co-mingle.
  • Style Mom – STYLEMOM holds it down for fashion bloggers as one of the only IFB members at Blogher 2009 in Chicago
  • Stylish Thought – Cats with Style: Boxing Kitten
  • THE COVETED – Mummy Dearest: Iris Van Herpen taking inspiration from the macabre
  • Unfunded – Vintage sequins, sparkles and sprinkles


Links a la Mode

14 August 2009

Wow! Samsung’s Tap and Take Camera

Individual Chic has a bit of a scoop here. Samsung is releasing a brand new camera called the ST500/ST550 with the brand new Tap and Take feature!

What is Tap and Take? It’s the funky ability to take a photo of yourself and your friends while watching the image; yep, the camera has two screens, one on the back and one on the front! How cool is that!

No more setting of self timers or taking photos of yourself in the mirror so you can post your outfits to your fashion blog on-line. No more squishy faces or funny expressions when taking photos with your friends.

What is Tap and Take? It’s the funky ability to take a photo of yourself and your friends while watching the image; yep, the camera has two screens, one on the back and one on the front! How cool is that!

And not only is Samsung releasing this new camera, you have a chance to win one for your very own! Sign up at the Tap and Take Twitter and at the Tap and Take Australia Facebook Fan page and watch for clues, starting the 20th of August.

You have a chance to win a Samsung Tap and Take digital camera for your very own!

Hints on Samsung’s Tap and Take Australia Facebook group will point to clues posted on external sites, including here at Individual Chic! If you can solve the clues, you’ll win yourself a Samsung memory card which is a gold ticket to a special event where you’ll receive your very own ST500!

Remember, to participate you’ll need to sign up at Samsung’s Facebook page and Twitter. Well? What are you doing here still? Get going! I’d LOVE to see one of Individual Chic’s readers win!

Samsung’s new Tap and Take Camera. How cool is that!


Shop on-line

8 steps to an Individual Chic redesign

As you may have noticed, I’ve been doing some work on my blog template and I’d love some feedback on it. So far I’ve:

  1. Reduced the font size and increased he line spacing
  2. Increased the blank space between the columns
  3. Added a handy navigation bar across the top of the page (thanks to the instructions at Lawny Designs)
  4. Split the header in two (thanks to Lawny Designs)
  5. Added vertical borders
  6. Changed the block quote style
  7. Changed the link colour
  8. New fav icon (thanks to Blogger Buster)
I’d love to know what you think about the changes I’ve made so far, and what you
think I could do to make it look better.

Thanks for your help.



Why, So you tell me

12 August 2009

Guys, all of the details are important

I always appreciate the site of a guy in the city wearing a perfectly fitting suit, tasteful tie, and crisp shirt. They don’t have to be hansom, tall, skinny or any of those things; they just need to know how to dress.

I saw a guy like this the other day. He was short and stocky, but his suit fit him to perfection, his pants were exactly the right length and just the right amount of his shirt cuffs could be seen. His shoes were fashionable, but not over the top. His look was almost perfect, but he had missed just one tiny little thing…

His shoes needed cleaning.

It wasn’t a big thing, but they were all scuffed and drab, and with a 5 minute polish they could have lifted his whole look into true smartness.

Lots of guys seem to do this, they have a lovely outfit but their shoes are dirty. You need to think about the whole look.

For some reason women’s shoes don’t usually seem to suffer the same fate, perhaps because we have more pairs of shoes so each pair doesn’t get worn as much ^_^.

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10 August 2009

Ugg Australia, oh honey no

Cardy Ugg Australia @ Individual ChicI saw this picture at the train station, an ad for Ugg Australia, and I thought, oh honey no.

As you can see, the model in the very nicely taken photo (please excuse my version of it, I was a bit crooked when I took the picture with my phone) was wearing a nice crisp shirt, smart dark vest and pants, and a rather nice jacket. I also love the red tie, though she is way too skinny. I thought she looked very stylish until my eye dropped and I caught sight of the crocheted Uggs, just like the ones at the Ugg Australia website. Pity they look like the slippers my Grandma used to knit. I am really appalled.

Oh yeah, and why is it when you go to the Ugg Australia site, it doesn’t have Australia as one of the default locations? It would seem pretty simple wouldn’t it?

Oh, and also, the Slipper category should contain a larger proportion of their shoes, namely the ones that are furry and that don’t have a proper sole. I'm just sayin'.

I’ll say it again. Ugg boots are for wearing inside your house on cold days, in the back yard to hang up the washing on a cold morning, and occasionally, when it’s very early in the morning and no one can see you, to collect the paper from the front yard. AND THAT’S IT.

So, tell me, would you wear knitted Ugg boots down the street, with a tie? Really, would you?


Stupid shoes

08 August 2009

Links à la Mode

Feminine Mystique

Edited by Debutante Clothing
The caliber of blog posts amongst the IFB members never ceases to amaze me. We run the gamut of style and fashion here. This week’s picks definitely appeal to the dueling femmes in me – the old fashioned gal and the powerful feminist. The debutante in me loved all the lovely posts about pearls including modern choices from Fashion Hippo, as well as the history of Mikimoto pearls by Fabulous Finds Gal. But nothing makes me clutch my pearls more than affordable Chanel looks by HiFashion. The feminist in me was thrilled to see smart posts about smart girls and smart fashion. Threadbared talks about academia and fashion, while 39th and Broadway explores the continuing inequality even within such a female driven industry like fashion. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode : August 6th

  • 39th and Broadway – Women are the backbone of the fashion industry, yet inequality reins supreme
  • A Few Goody Gumdrops – lets out her inner rockstar with Alexander McQueen’s Skull Knuckle Duster Whipsnake Clutch in Red! To-Die-For!
  • A typical Atypical – The Phenomena of “The Sale”
  • Debutante Clothing – contributes back to school style for “Hot for Teacher” at Style Sample Magazine
  • Dramatis Personae – reviews the B&Lu Femme Dress.
  • Fabulous Finds and Co. – Mikimoto Pearls – The Story Behind The Cadillac Of Pearls.
  • Fashion Hippo – Modern Pearl Necklaces that aren’t your grandma’s pearls
  • Fashion Talk by Lovely Lovisa – I am the Resurrection
  • fête à fête – Get plumper lips with Givenchy Le Makeup’s new Gloss Interdit collection. Also, lip gloss giveaway to three lucky readers!
  • Hi Fashion – Coco avant Chanel – how to get the Chanel look for less
  • Individual Chic – What makes a good ballet flat
  • Retro Chick – Iconic British Union Jack style.
  • The Capitol Fashionista – Arise Magazine – the magazine that keeps you informed about what’s happening in Africa and around the globe.
  • The Coveted – Review of the New Bobbi Brown Nude Collection with Video Tutorial
  • The Demoiselles – Elle gets bombarded with subversive, negative advertising by Estee Lauder, and decides to take action.
  • The Fashion Planner – shows you how to build your back to school wardrobe
  • The Recessionista – Happy 80th to Jackie and Mad Men’s Casting Call for that 60’s look
  • Threadbared – Pondering the mutual near-exclusivity of academic fashion studies and style blogs
  • Unfunded – unveils Creative Recreation’s new women’s line.
  • Work Chic – get 10% off Fit in Clouds foldable flats

Thanks to Debutant Clothing for picking Individual Chic this week. I appreciate it ^_^.

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07 August 2009

Vintage Icy - Great detail for winter

I have a lot of posts that I like from a long time ago, so I've decided to kick off a Vintage Icy every few Fridays. This post was originally published 23rd Feburary 2007 and was one of my first posts.

Individual IdeaI saw a girl the other day with an outstanding look. She had a white collared shirt with a round necked, black jumper on over top. The collar was on the outside of the jumper, but it was held together with a long pin with pearl ends. It was a masculine feature used in a very feminine way and it looked fantastic. I think I might need to steal the look for winter, if I can find a shirt to work it with.

I didn't have my camera with me at the time, but this is the idea.

Let me know what you think.

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05 August 2009

There is no excuse for a bad haircut

I was watching a very interesting science documentary the other night; I was really enjoying it. I wasn’t thinking about this blog at all, when a physicist, from right here in Australia at the University of Sydney, appeared and said her piece (and very interesting it was too). However, I was continually distracted from what she was saying because of her really bad haircut.

Icy at 18 @ Individual ChicI get that she has other things to think about, I get that her appearance isn’t important to her, I get that she doesn’t want to spend much money on how she looks; other things are much more important (I am, of course, reading all this into what I imagine she thinks).

All I can say in response is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a respectable haircut. It doesn’t have to be a great haircut, it doesn’t have to be a fancy haircut, and you don’t need to have colour, or highlights, or even lowlights. It just needs to be easy to look after (preferably without blow drying) and look respectable; an average haircut is fine.

Now some people might say at this point “she’s a scientist, why should her appearance matter, is it just because she’s a woman”? My reply to that is I don’t care if the particular scientist is male or female, I don’t care if you’re a kindergarten teacher, a CEO, unemployed, or anywhere in between, no one should have a bad haircut.

Icy at 12 @ Individual ChicNo one.

As you can see from the photos, I have a personal reason for believing no one should have a bad haircut. This is me, aged 12 and 18. As you can see, I had bad haircuts (and glasses) from the age of 3 to 21. There was a good period there for a few years, and then it all went haywire again. In the last 7 years I have finally accepted that I cannot make long hair look acceptable. Short hair for me the whole way now.

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03 August 2009

Was it an attempt at the 80s? Who knows

Polyvore @ Individual ChicYou do see a few interesting outfits as you get off the train in the morning. This one was a killer. The otherwise attractive lady was wearing (the Polyvore picture is pretty close to the feel of what she was wearing, if not the colours):
  • Blue baggy cargo pants with large thigh pockets and tapered legs
  • Sueded black 80s booties with an very dated heel
  • A large, unstructured, unattractive windcheater jacket (and it wasn’t even that cold)
  • A large tan padded handbag
  • A large, bright green, eco shopping bag, and not a fashionable one

I would have been interested to see what her shirt was. Did it pull the whole thing together in a clever, witty way? Or was it just another mismatched piece of clothing, chosen with no view as to how everything worked together. I’m going with the second assumption.

How can anyone walk out the door without taking a quick look in the mirror and evaluating if the clothes they’ve chosen work together?

If she’d chosen a pair of jeans instead, the whole thing would have been perfectly acceptable, if not outstanding. I just don’t understand. Do you?

I couldn’t resist the Mr T picture, care of

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01 August 2009

Links à la Mode

The Elements of Style

Edited by Retro Chick

Whether it’s Winter or Summer, relentless rain or an unceasing heatwave where you are, this weeks Links a la Mode is packed with entertainment to keep you out of the sun/rain/wind.

If you plan to travel to escape your current weather conditions then Hi Fashion has some great travel tips and Idiosyncratic Style has some ideas for easy fashion DIY projects you can take with you.
Other highlights this week include a hilarious mans view on some Celebrity Fashion choices from Unfunded, Our Ocean’s coverage of Vivienne Westwood’s appearance on Jonathan Ross and Style Amor’s refusal to buy a wedding dress, as well as some insightful interviews and gorgeous give-aways.

Choosing just 20 links from the number of fantastic submissions is a challenging task and this week I found it particularly hard to whittle down the numbers so be sure to go and check out the rest of the links in the full Links a la Mode thread.

Links à la Mode : July 30th

  • Breakfast at Saks – Aschobi: Sierra Leone Couture
  • Brick My Lane – Interview with Christian Joy, the genius behind the costumes worn by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • by Hillary – Deciding if you really need to dry clean that dress that says “dry clean”
  • Culturistas – The Culturistas find a ‘Lust vs Must’ profile of the Romper Trend!
  • Fashion Cents – Can you wear the romper trend? Fashion Cents helps you decide if and how to romp around
  • Fashion Hippo – Fashion Hippo is having a fantastic giveaway: Mary Frances “Mercury Rising” wristlet bag.
  • Fashion in my eyes – Interview: Fashion editor at 17
  • HiFashion – Tips for fashionable travellers
  • Idiosyncratic Style – A round up of 5 cool projects that are perfect for summer vacation, because they are light on supplies and low maintenance.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – Rhythm is Gonna Getcha: Maintaining Consistency in Your Blog
  • iStyle – The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Looking Fab: A real-life 5 minute make-up guide with unedited photos
  • Mademoiselle Robot – An interview with headwear designer Jennifer Loiselle about films, motherhood and independent designers.
  • Only Style Remains the Same – Offer an outfit idea to win a pair of Current/Elliott jeans from only style remains the same and chickdowntown.
  • Our Ocean – An insanely inspiring interview with Vivienne Westwood on Jonathan Ross
  • Pursed Lips – Lara Stone, size 4, heralded as bringing “curvy” back. But isn’t the bigger difference her C cup bra, and not her weight?
  • Rags to Reverie – A look at the Stella McCartney Fall 2009 ad campaign + a couple of deals from the eponymous label
  • reLYME – It’s Beka’s birthday, and in the spirit of birthday giving, reLYME is giving away SIX China Glaze nail lacquers from the Kicks collection!
  • Retro Chick – Can I wear it? Yes, I can! Retro Chick gives Harem Pants a try with surprising results.
  • Style Amor – Check out why I have given up buying a wedding gown from a traditional bridal boutique.
  • Sweet Fuzz – Score one of a kind fashion treasures at your local thrift store and check out the insanely cheap items I snapped up at mine.
  • The Coveted – Amsterdam Fashion Week bridges the gap between fashion students and industry at Lichting 2009
  • Unfunded – Unfunded collaborates with J. Money from Budgets are Sexy to learn what guys really think of the things we wear.

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