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31 July 2009

I've Mad Men-ed myself

And you can too. Check out and reveal your suave self.

So, introducing Ms and Mr Icy!

Ms Icy @ Individual Chic Mr Icy @ Individual Chic

Unfortunately, there were no black dresses offered. The red was a close as I could get to "me". Mr Icy doesn't normally wear suits, but he had to match what I was wearing, didn't he ^_^.

How would you look if you were in Mad Men?

Oh, and by the way, it's SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR APPRECIATION DAY. Ms and Mr Icy are both Sys Admins so we celebrate this special day together. Now, go say thank you to your Sys Admin for all the silent hard work they do.

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29 July 2009

So, why are you here?

Google Analytics is great fun. I love finding out from where my visitors hail, and what brought them here. These are the most common searches that bring people here through Google (just for your edification). Numbers are visits in the last 30 days (or so).

If you haven't signed up for Google Analytics, give it a shot, it's great fun.

So tell me, why are you here?
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27 July 2009

Icy has new glasses

I had the old pair of frames for four years because I thought they were so cool, but they were just getting a little bit wobbly. My eyes were due for a check-up and I decided I needed an update. So, for your edification, here is a before and after shot.

You can't tell from the shot, but the new glasses are red plastic, with a black plastic layer around the eyes. You can see them in the new background image as well.

So, tell me, what do you think?

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25 July 2009

Links à la Mode


Style Cravings & Indulgences

Edited by Jordana

This week’s Links à la Mode round-up from Independent Fashion Bloggers provides a variety of sweet treats. We’ve got hair how-to’s from Fasshonaburu and Bonne-Vie, sorbet inspirations from Idiosyncratic Style, Paris Couture collection picks from Fashion Pulse Daily and interviews galore, among other juicy additions.

I also want to give a special shout-out to IFB editor Ashe Mischief of Dramatis Personae, who is celebrating her 2 year blog-aversary with a special giveaway.

Links à la Mode : July 23rd

  • A Typical Atypical: A look at the unexpected fashion gems on offer at this year’s new designers exhibition in London – cut-out dresses, paper-like jewelry and more!
  • Bonne-Vie: Pincurl project – experimenting with glamorous retro style techniques to create a saucy updo!
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor: Polling for the next Vogue Cover Girl – Bonnie Wright’s first fashion shoot.
  • Denimaniac: Camo’s SS 2010 “Horses” collection and thoughts of Meryl Streep…
  • Dramatis Personae: Celebrating a two year anniversary with a great giveaway – $50 gift card to!
  • Duper: Interview with Raoul Keil, founder of NINETEEN74 and Schon! Magazine.
  • Fashion Cents: How to get glam for a movie date so that there is real life lights, camera, action!
  • Fashion is My Crush: It’s a mosh pit: A studded DIY belt, some jellies from the kids section at Payless and some concrete comfort.
  • Fashion Pulse Daily: Hand-picked favorite looks from 10 of the Paris Couture collections.
  • Fasshonaburu:Finding a new hair dresser and how to break up with your old one.
  • Idiosyncratic Style: A design board of inspiring comparisons of cool sorbet treats and summer fashion choices.
  • Retro Chick: Sunglasses to flatter your face.
  • Shop Diary: Cozy up with a snood for fall and how to improvise in these recessionary times.
  • Style Symmetry: Interview with Cammila of Dressed Up Like a Lady.
  • The Coveted: Turning Red, How to go monochromatic…
  • The Musings of Ondo Lady: A look at Style Sample Magazine – featuring articles about a wide variety of bloggers across the world.
  • Unfunded: Drooling over the sexy styles of Brandon Boyd and Robert Pattinson.
  • V is for Olive: Inspired by a road trip through the American West - taking color palette ideas from nature and applying them to your own summer wardrobe.
  • WorkChic: Teamed with Polyvore to show examples of a blouse makeover by style and your office type.
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24 July 2009

Project Runway Australia

If you’re like me and have no access to pay TV, you can still watch all of the new Project Runway Australia season at Arena TV. You’ll be a week behind like me, but that’s better than nothing ^_^.

Oh, and you can follow the twitter feed at @ProjectRunwayOz as well.

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22 July 2009

Pretty perfumes

I rather like a nice spritz of scent. On days when I work in the city, I always pop some on; it’s the last step in my morning make-up routine. I have three scents that I use.

The first is Fire and Ice by Revlon. My husband (then boyfriend) bought a bottle for me as a first anniversary present, and I’ve used it ever since. Described as “a tantalizing blend of sheer florals, warm musk and exotic citrus notes”. I was so impressed the first time I smelt it; it was so me.

The second is Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills. A Christmas present this time, also from my husband. It’s spicier than the Fire and Ice, and described as “a blend of carnation, jasmine, orange flower, marigold, rose, and peach...accompanied by spicy notes of oakmoss and musk”.

The final perfume is Infusion D’Iris by Prada. This one was a thank you gift from my CEO after many international phone calls to get his laptop working in various hotels (probably chosen by his wife though ^_^). It is described as “notes of mandarin, galbanum, orange and orange blossom, which lead to the heart composed of iris, cedar, and vetiver”. It is lovely, and something very different than what I would have chosen for myself.

So, let me know, what is your favorite pefume?
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20 July 2009

Review - The Thoughtful Dresser

Ms BerrySimple was lovely enough to lend me her copy of “The Thoughtful Dresser” by Linda Grant and I was very pleased to read it. I have read Ms Grant’s blog by the same name, but I haven’t read it from “cover-to-cover” (what would be the bloggish term for this?)

Ms Grant has a clear and chatty writing style that I find easy to read. She has thought long and hard about fashion and dressing and what it means to her and to other women. Her insights are thoughtful and provoking.

Some of my favourite quotes are below.

On the two forms of shopping. “There are two ways of shopping. One is a mission expedition, the search for the scarf with a bit of red in it to go with the linen jacket, [...] The second is [...] an exercise in pleasure and self education, just to see what is in the shops.” p79

On the trend of dressing to look sexy (rather than dressing to feel sexy). “‘All over America,’ [Simon] Doonan writes, ‘people are making kamikaze choices about what to wear. They are misrepresenting the goods. They are letting their clothes write checks that their personalities cannot cash.’” p90-91

On shoes. “Give me shoes I can walk in! I cry. And they offer me the revival of the loafer; in other words, how to make yourself look short and fat.” p218

The only flaw in the book, which is really a series of linked essays, is that an editor has not been careful enough to remove duplicated phrases and scenes. However, I enjoyed "The Thoughtful Dresser" immensely and would recommend it to all women who enjoy fashion, and to all partners, parents, siblings and friends of women who enjoy fashion. They might get a little glimpse into why fashion and clothes are so important.

All quotes from “The Thoughtful Dresser” © Linda Grant 2009. First printed as a paperback original by Virago Press 2009, Reprinted 2009.

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19 July 2009

In other news…

Shoes, shoes, shoes

The Manolo, that paragon of Shoe Bloggers, points us at an interview with Manolo Blahnik by Vanessa Friedman in the Financial Times. Fascinating reading.

Crocs have croaked

Again the Manolo lets us know that the Croc has carked it. I for one am delighted with this victory for good shoes everywhere.

Emma Watson

The Fug Girls in the New York Magazine praise Emma Watson for having her head screwed on straight.

Keeping your wallet

And for something completely non-fashion related, The Times tells us if you want to keep your wallet, make sure you have a cute baby photo in it.

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18 July 2009

Links à la Mode

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old…

Edited by AsheMischief
Because fashion bloggers love both silver & gold!

Okay, that was a bit of a cheesy, childhood song for those Stateside, but I did notice one thing this week– fresh new faces and old familiar ones. From long time contributors like Mademoiselle Robot and The Musings of Ondo Lady, to new (-to-me) Our Ocean, Links á la Mode is an amazing way to meet new bloggers and discover new territories. Think of today as Make a New Friend Day on Links á la Mode…read new blogs for a fresh dose of inspiration and revisit your favorites to remember why you love them!

As always, we’ve got a delightful mash-up of posts, too… from how to score review samples to a thoughtful post on The Uniform Project and lots of great summer clothes and jewelry. Be sure to check out the forums too, as there are several great contests going on!

Links à la Mode : July 16th

  • – NYC vs LA – The Fashion Week Debate
  • Fabulous Finds Gal – Who doesn’t love a gorgeous pin-up? The pin-up poet’s gorgeous and creative new amazing book and insightful interview with the author.
  • Fashion Dare – A Nautical Nod
  • Fasshonaburu – Everyone has a list like this, places to go before you turn 50, a “bucket list” of things to do before you kick it, etc. Well, it sounds shallow and superficial (and by “sounds” I mean “is”), but I have a list of things I want to buy before I enter my nex
  • HiFashion – The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Good Health
  • Hong Kong Fashion Geek – Wide-leg pants and how to make them work for you
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – Not Buying It: How has the recession affected your fashion blog?
  • Mademoiselle Robot – A London Girl’s shopping guide to Stockholm.
  • Meilily – Island Style Pick: Wood & Bead Bracelet
  • Our Ocean – A colourful review of the clothes in An American in Paris.
  • Retro Chick – Lulu Guinness Holiday Resort 2009 Collection
  • Shop Diary – 2 days ago, the renowned antiques site, just launched a vintage couture, fashion and accessories designer section.
  • The Capitol Fashionista – Modern Fashionista Travel with Vintage Luggage: What better way to add a little touch of class than packing it all up in vintage luggage.
  • THE COVETED – Gorgeous New, More Affordable Denim from AX and a $500 A Gift Card Giveaway
  • The Fashion Planner – ShoeDazzle – Review of Kim Kardashian’s shoe club.
  • the musings of ondo lady – Mention the word Biba and you can bet that any decent fashionista will go all starry eyed. This is because along with Mary Quant, Diane von Furstenberg and Twiggy, Biba is right up there as one of the iconic fashion brands of the 60s and 70s.
  • The Recessionista – 2 days ago Essential Summer Style Tips–Tips for essential summer wardrobe staples: Tips from The Recessionista Blog and Jones’ New York Style Guru Lloyd Boston
  • Think Thru Fashion – Agate Accessories: Find affordable ways to wear the trendy crystal.
  • threadbared – How the Uniform Project highlights fashion’s one constant — the tension between individuality and standardization
  • tickle – Fresh Catch! tickle grills the designers of Delirius, a line as flirty as NY girls
  • Unfunded – All Eyes on Hayden Panettiere and Lace!
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17 July 2009

Today I'm wearing...

Unfortunately, pictures of outfits for me are only worthwhile taking during daylight, and only when it’s nicely sunny. As such, I don’t have a photo of what I’m wearing today. However, I can describe to you what I was wearing.

  • This lovely dress, made by Icy
  • A full-length voluminous woollen black skirt at a petticoat (What? It’s cold here today)
  • Red and black striped socks
  • These Kinky boots from Kumfs, but in black with red laces with little black and white skull and cross-bones on them
  • And my lovely red L'Oreal lipstick

I have to say I’m very happy with how it all pulls together. Just a little bit Victorian, a little bit 80s and a little bit Goth. Perky Goth (just like Gilly) probably describes it best.

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15 July 2009

John Galliano’s re-imagining of the New Look

Having just read Linda Grant’s “The Thoughtful Dresser” and her remembrances of her mother’s clothes, John Galliano’s Fall 2009 collection for Christian Dior is quite perfectly timed.

It is a re-imagining of Dior’s original New Look and some of the deconstructed elements are quite beautiful. He emphasises the shapely waists and full skirts, as well as making a feature of the foundation undergarments of the look; the underwire bustier, the suspenders, the tulle petticoats, and the peplum (a device to pad the hips to emphasise the waist).

Christian Dior Fall 2009 @ Individual Chic Christian Dior Fall 2009 @ Individual Chic Christian Dior Fall 2009 @ Individual Chic

In translation to the everyday look, expect to see more of the old fashioned slip with lace edge to re-appear beneath skirts, and very feminine, tailored jackets. Elegant details will also re-appear, the gloves, the frame handbags, and possibly even the hat (though people seem to refuse to stand out quite that much in everyday dressing).

Some of the young models (as young as sixteen) really did look as if they had raided their mother’s closet for her finery and were parading in front of her bedroom mirror. Some of the girls simply didn’t have the maturity (or the bust) to pull off what is essentially a womanly look.

On an amusing note, many of the models are shown with a jacket and their elasticised “role-ups”, or as I call ‘em “suck-it-in pants”. You might call them shapewear. I can’t think of a group of people who require such artifice less.

Christian Dior Fall 2009 @ Individual Chic Christian Dior Fall 2009 @ Individual Chic Christian Dior Fall 2009 @ Individual Chic

Also, watching them mince carefully down the massive staircase in their massive platform shoes is quite amusing. Only the good ones make it look as it they aren’t concentrating fiercely on not falling down.

Photos and full video of the Dior Fall 2009 parade care of Women’s Wear Daily.

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13 July 2009

An individual dude – Matt Preston

Matt Preston is a well know food critic in Australia and judge on MasterChef Australia, and a seriously snappy dresser. I love his loud cravats, blended with his colourful shirts, his ever fabulous and perfectly tailored suits, and his fantastic shoes (the heeled, tan and white cowskin custom RM Williams boots are fabulous).

Matt Preston @ Individual Chic

The true relish with which he tastes his food is a delight to watch and he is not embarrassed by showing the emotions that run across his face. He is a man comfortable in who he is and what he looks like. How fantastic.

If he wasn’t married (and I wasn’t married) I’d be after him in a serious way, along with most of the straight women in Australia, and possibly the non-straight men.

I even wore a cravat (or a scarf tied as a cravat) yesterday in his honour.

Matt Preston, call me ^_^.

MasterChef Australia is on Channel 10, most nights at 7:00pm.

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11 July 2009

Links à la Mode

Links a la Mode @ Individual Chic

Summer Staples

Edited by Jennine

In the midst of Summer many of us take refuge by the fan and some of us miraculously make do with the heat in all but the best ways. In this roundup we’ve got Summer Festival tips on Unfunded, Hong Kong Fashion Geeks Resort Redux, Krislyn’s chic summer essentials, Fashion Cent’s essential white jackets. And on the indie front Dramtis Personae finds eco friendly clothing for people of all sizes, and Oh Canada…Tatiana’s showcases Canadian Indie Designers. And last but not least… Twins… mode.ulation wonders if are they the modelings industries next new thing?

Links à la Mode : July 9th

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10 July 2009

Individual Chic Exclusive - brandsExclusive Launch

brandsExclusive launch @ Individual ChicDo you like to shop on-line? Are you interested in a great bargain? If so, there is a new Australian, invitation-only fashion website called brandsExclusive and they’ve just launched.

brandsExclusive hold secret sales of clothes and accessories for their members with discounts of up to 70% for well know brands, just a few of which are Natasha, Morrissey, 18th Amendment, Mavi Jeans, Tigerlily, Seafolly and Milk and Honey.

For one week only, starting today, Individual Chic readers can join and take advantage of the great deals offered by brandsExclusive. Simply go to the brandsExclusive become a member page and enter the email address and then your own to start the membership process.

Remember, this offer is only good until the 16th of July, so sign up now. I am ^_^. If you have any problems with signing up, let me know in the comments, and I'll get back to you.

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09 July 2009

How to customize blogger post templates

Independent Fasion Bloggers @ Individual ChicI've got another article up at Independant Fashion Bloggers about how to customise your Blogger blog's template. Let me know if you find it helpful.

08 July 2009

Bruno at the Sydney premiere of his move, Bruno

Bruno at the Sydney premiere @ Individual ChicBruno, he is zat outrageous gay fashion journalist; the most well know Austrian since 1941. Doesn’t he look fantastic at the premiere of his documentary? His faithfully accurate and sympathetic documentary, it is simply called Bruno.

Do you not think he is the master of the shiny codpiece?

Read more about it at The Vine.

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06 July 2009

Project Runway Oz prize update

Well, as I’m sure you could tell, I was very excited on Friday. I had won myself a dress by This is Genevieve that would be fitted to me. I was contacted by Project Runway Oz the next day (I always like a prompt response) and they grabbed my sizing details off me (Australian size 18* (or there about) and passed them onto the PR company representing the designer, called (delightfully) Sweaty Betty.

Unfortunately, they got back to me almost immediately telling me that This is Genevieve designs are only made up to a size 12. Ah. Well, that isn’t really going to work for me.

Start rant now.

Why is it that designers don’t make clothes in sizes people wear? I mean, size 12 is on the small size. I haven’t been a size 12 since University. Why can’t designers offer at least a 16? Miss Plumcake says it best in the New York Magazine.
“I’ll say there are more options now than there used to be, but that’s sort of like saying ‘he doesn’t hit me nearly as often as he used to. [...] I’m fat, I have money. I’m more than willing to give it in quantity to the store who will supply me with beautifully made clothes that don’t make me look like a hooker, a tranny, or someone’s bingo-playing grandma from Duluth.”
Right, finished that; back to the story.

Caz from Sweaty Betty asked me nicely what I might like to do instead, so I suggested that as Genevieve Er also designs jewellery, that might be substituted. They were happy with this suggestion, and in a few months I’ll be getting this rather lovely silver rose cocktail ring (it’s still in production in Bali).

So anyway, the whole adventure was a mostly pleasant experience and I’d like to thank Gina from Robot Meets Alien and Caz from Sweaty Betty for their help.

* An Australian size 18 is a US size 14, UK 16, French 44, German 42, Italian 48, and Japanese 17. Err, world, could we just agree on one standard? It would make things sooo much easier. See for more.

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04 July 2009

Links à la Mode

Links a la Mode @ Individual Chic

The Whole Woman

Edited by Debutante Clothing

I love being a woman. I love that we can have the best of both worlds – being fun and feminine and a successful career women. This week, I’ve selected a round up of links that really represents the whole woman. From being natural and vulnerable enough to go without make-up as Style Symmetry does in her beautiful post, to The Demoiselles’ post about breaking body image and fashion rules. And for those of us that are caught up in this difficult job-seeking market, there are even work fashion posts from Work Chic and Fasshonaburu. But we can’t be so serious all the time right? So for us women just needing a fun and frivolous escape, there are loads of fashion finds and even some giveaways to help us bask in our glorious womanhood. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode : July 2nd

  • Bobbins And Bombshells: – finds the perfect vintage items for a picnic!
  • Bonne Vie: – Jesica Milton – a few quick questions with a local designer (and some down to earth advice for aspiring fashion designers)
  • Breakfast at Saks: – interviews Dana-Maxx about Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, and her new F/W collection “Sex, Love, and Heartbreak”
  • Clutch 22: – Exclusive sneak peek at I Heart Norwegian Wood for Shrimpton Couture collection!
  • Daisy Fairbanks: – Farewell to Farrah, Style Icon
  • Debutante Clothing: – Sail Away with Vintage Sailboat finds
  • Dramatis Personae: – shares the Alice & Isa Boutique, showcasing the best of independent San Francisco designers.
  • Fabulous Finds and Co.: – Glam rock gals that have a serious talent in spotting the latest trends and creating them.
  • Fashion Fight Club: – New Legal Troubles for Forever 21 and the Bill Status of the Design Piracy Prohibition Act
  • Fashion Is the Best Medicine: – Revisiting some of the trends Michael Jackson started, and no, they’re not exclusively fashion trends.
  • Fasshonaburu: – Afraid of losing your job? Boost job security by builidng your work wardrobe!
  • fête à fête: – Take care of your skin – organic sun care from Juice Beauty
  • Mademoiselle Robot: – The Summer holidays are here so I compiled some useful packing tips!
  • Mystery Creature: – Getting inspired – can work-wear look cool?
  • Retro Chick: – Something Old Something New: Oxfam launches DIY competition with celebrity stylist Mrs Jones
  • Style Symmetry: – Going Make Up Less in support of all womens natural beauty!
  • Super Kawaii Mama: – The Fabulous World of the Himegyaru
  • The Coveted: – Win a par of We Love Colors Tights!
  • The Demoiselles: – Calling all extremists! Jennifer Nicole tells us all why, in fashion, being “normal” is a bad thing.
  • Think Thru Fashion: – Farrah Fawcett’s Fashion Lives On: Spring trends reflect the iconic 70s style of the Charlie’s Angels actress.
  • Work Chic: – We show how you can incorporate vintage dresses into your work attire with our new video style series!
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03 July 2009

OMG GUESS what happened to me yesterday!!!

Project Runway Oz (@ProjectRunwayOz @ Individual Chic@ProjectRunwayOZ) was (and still is) running a cryptic clue completion on Twitter around Sydney and Melbourne, giving away very cool prizes.

Yesterday I saw the clue “syd, sitting in the place where modern art meets water, with a beautiful This Is Genevieve dress, made to fit! Good luck ladies :)!!” and I knew it was the Museum of Modern Art, just by Circular Quay. I work just a 10 minute walk from there, so I was off and racing to find the person with the pink box listening to guitar music.

And guess what! I was the first person there! I won myself a lovely This Is Genevieve dress that will be fitted to me. How cool is that! I saw the dress, and it was definitely one I would wear as well (though preferably with a longer skirt ^_^). You can vote for the designer Genevieve Er at the Cosmo Fun Fearless Female awards as well.

So you know, they’re giving away more prizes over the next few days, so start following @ProjectRunwayOZ. I promise not to win again ^_^. Oh, and you can follow from, who are also giving out small prizes at @CocoLeeFashion as well.

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02 July 2009

Ms Berry Simple is a berry nice person

The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant @ Individual ChicI work with Ms Berry Simple and she kindly lent me Linda Grant's “The Thoughtful Dresser”. I’ve wanted to read this book for a while. I’ll give you a review later.

Thanks Ms Berry Simple ^_^.

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01 July 2009

An individual dude - Michael Jackson

As a rule, I believe white socks on a man wearing black pants and shoes is absolutely out of the question. It just isn’t on. But I saw a clip just the other day which reminded me, just one man can do it.

Michael Jackson with white socks @ Individual Chic

Michael Jackson.

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