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29 June 2009

An individual dude - Bruno on Rove

Bruno, Austrian Fasionista, was on Rove last night. I haven’t laughed so hard for a long time. See part one of the interview here from YouTube. Probably not safe to play at work, mainly because you won’t be able to silence the snickering.

Look for parts two and three on YouTube.

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28 June 2009

In other news...

Do you disclose?

@ImeldaMatt lets us know through Twitter that the Federal Trade Commission in the US is thinking about new guidelines to regulate in post advertising and whether bloggers are required to disclose if they are compensated. If you blog in the US (or if you don’t) this article is defiantly worth a read.

When lack of courtesy can cost

This is a personal beef of mine. I hate the fact that what should be common courtesy is so uncommon these days. The article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Valerie Khoo is about small and medium businesses, but I think it applies to bloggers and blogging (actually any area of life) equally well. And on a personal note, I too have been brushed off by a car dealer in exactly the same appalling way as Ms Khoo. I took my business elsewhere as well.

Jelly shoes for the beach are suddenly cool!

I personally hate thongs (you may call them flip-flops) to wear to the beach or pool. They just look so, ick. They may be practical, but I just can’t bring myself to wear them. Zodee however are now selling some seriously cute jelly shoes that look just perfect. Absolutely the wrong time of year for this in Australia, but still, I might have to buy some anyway. They’re not cheap, but it’s not like I’ll grow out of them.

Apparantly are stealing designs reports that are stealing her (and other artist) designs. Is it true? If so, it is a pretty blatant rip-off. Thanks to Super Kawaii Mama for the tipoff.

Follow the Rosemont Australian Fashion Week

Search for #rafw on Twitter for all the latest updates.

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26 June 2009

Links à la Mode

links a la mode @ Individual Chic

Ice Cold Lemonade

Edited by Clutch 22

Compiling this week's round up of posts hit closer to home for me. I think we can all relate to the times where stress builds up and blocks inspiration. Reading each of these individually was the exact refreshment I needed (hence "lemonade"), especially with my birthday coming up next week - total outfit planning mode. 3ahgpb4f27

So what's in the mix? Alixrose and Decline Designs offer personal style inspirations, Fasshonaburu teaches us how to get our budget-shopping on at high-end boutique sales, hkShoeGeek talks harnesses and Fashion Consciou$ inspires by reviving the culottes trend (so cute on her).

Links à la Mode : June 25th

  • 39th and Broadway: Ever wonder who really determines how your clothes fit? An interview with a technical designer
  • alixrose: You have the perfect outfit, but whats the one thing that can keep it from becoming fabulous?
  • A Typical Atypical: A deep dive into the reasoning behind shoe obsessions
  • Awakened Aesthetic: Affordable ways to bring urban fashion into your decor without getting tacky
  • Bobbins and Bombshells: Fashionable History - A look into 1920's swimwear and bathing suits.
  • Bonne Vie: When Bloggers Unite - The Hotel Max Edition
  • Decline Designs: Defining Your Personal Style - Having "Go-To" Outfits
  • Fasshonaburu: Digging through a high end sales to find purchase-worhty pieces, and tips on how to not go over budget
  • Fashion Consciou$: Fashion Flashback - Return of the culottes
  • Fashion Pulse Daily: The evolution of the gladiator to the "mandiator"
  • Freya: A little gown guide for your summer wedding
  • hkShoeGeek: Harnesses - A collection of favorites for every style and price range
  • Idiosyncratic Style: A guide for casual wedding attire
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: You just don't compare...
  • Retro Chick : Mary Queen of Charity Shops - Now it's all over, some final thoughts
  • Shoe Daydreams: Are you on board with the latest trend - Over The Knee boots?
  • Tatiana Supports the Arts: Indie Designer Spotlight - ALEX&RA, designed by Alexandra Cipparone
  • The Bare Skinny: Not everything has to be black and white - inspiration for adding color to your wardrobe
  • The Coveted: Shu Uemura's inspired lashes
  • Unfunded: Respect your elders - Rock the vintage!
  • Work Chic: Chic hosiery options if you still have to wear them in the summer heat!

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25 June 2009

Hats of fabulousness

Hats are such a feature this winter in Australia. I am rather partial to a lovely had myself, and I seem to have one of those faces that can pull them off (for instance, my mother looks pretty much uniformly odd in a hat; there are only one or two that suit her). I believe that a hat requires gumption to pull off; you need to be able to wear it and feel completely comfortable, even if you are the only person you can see for miles wearing one.

Condura this year have a really nice (and very cheap) range of hats that play perfectly to the vintage look that is around at the moment. I’ve been looking for a proper cloche for a few years now, and when I saw the Condura one I snapped it up immediately.

The red one wasn’t originally what I was looking for, but when I tried it on, I knew it was for me. It is such a dramatic hat and I love the way it looks. It isn’t quite as practical as the cloche, as it is moulded felt rather than flexible; I like to take my hat off on the train and the cloche I can stuff away unlike the red one, but still... Don’t you think it’s fabulous?

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23 June 2009

Elle Macpherson’s behaviour not “model-like”

The Business Review Weekly complains in a story in The Sydney Morning Herald that Elle Macpherson was “controlling and prickly”. SMH says that this isn’t “model-like behaviour.

This seems like pretty normal behaviour for an owner of a massively successful business empire to me. If Elle Macpherson was a male business leader, would we even be discussing this?

To me, this once again seems like a double standard, where successful women are judged by a different set of rule to successful men.

What do you think?

Photo care of SMH.

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21 June 2009

In other news...

Wrinkle cream that actually works
A new cream used to treat skin cancer could get rid of wrinkles too. The study from the University of Michigan says that Valeant Pharmaceuticals’ cream Efudex “appears to be cause a wound healing response that leads to an increase in collagen production, which is improving the appearance of wrinkles”. Impressive, sign me up for some.

Jimmy Choo for H&M reports that Jimmy Choo will design a comprehensive line for H&M. I’d sign me up for some, but we’d need a H&M in Australia first. Oh well, I can dream...

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19 June 2009

Links à la Mode

ifb links a la mode @ Individual Chic

Fashion Potluck

Edited by Dramtis Personae

This week’s Links á la Mode it a fashion potluck, a hodge podge of politics in fashion, interviews with fabulous designers, bloggers, and photographers, flashbacks in to our fashion past, and great shops and designers to check out. I couldn’t make rhyme or theme of the collection, so just sit back & enjoy some of the best the Independent Fashion Bloggers had to offer this week!

Links à la Mode : June 19th

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18 June 2009

An Individual Chic - Emma Herring (Mrs Bruce Willis)

Hoo haa, they is some hawt photos over at The Vine. About half are not safe for work (but you have to do some clicking to get to them).

Bruce Willis and Emma Herring @ Individual Chic

Can I just say what a brave photo shoot. I love the seriously fierce look of Emma Herring, and the seriously vulnerable look of Bruce Willis, especially in the photo I’ve hosted here (those boots and those red gloves are fantastic).

What do you think of the photos at The Vine, and which one is your favourite?

Photos care of The Vine.

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17 June 2009

The Fug Girls are on Twitter

The Fug Girls on Twitter @ Individual Chic

Follow them up at if that’s your thing. You can follow me too at if you can’t get enough Individual Chicing. I’ll try not to be boring, (but I really make no promises).

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16 June 2009

Surprising development, I really like ankle boots

I bought these lovely pair of ankle boots this season, but I was really only expecting to wear them with pants or long skirts. However, with all of the really great tights available this season, I’m really enjoying wearing my seriously cool boots with dark stockings and knee length skirts or dresses.

In fact I like them so much, I’m seriously considering getting a second pair. I can’t justify the cost of buying another expensive pair, but Big W has a really cool pair of heeled brogues that I think would work with my look (the left most shoe). It really depends if I can walk for at least 20 minutes in them without cringing (the distance to the train station).

Do you wear ankle boots and what do you wear them with?
Oh, and by the way, I still draw the line at booties.

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13 June 2009

Links à la Mode


Happiness is being a free bird…

Edited by Jennine of IFB & The Coveted

Oddly enough since we moved over to the editorial selection, I’ve never selected the links, and I really have to tell you choosing this week’s roundup was tough, so many great links, I had a hard time picking!

Well, here we are in the midst of summer, this year you can’t click twice without hitting a blog giveaway, as we’ve got great giveaways on Bobbins and Bombshells, Style Symmetry, Fashion Hippo and The Coveted, and if that’s not enough, IFB has a couple of great links to more contests. Whew. And while ‘free’ doesn’t always mean stuff you don’t have to pay for, it can also mean free as in stuff you can’t pay for, Decline Designs takes inspiration to two free spirited cinematic heroines with vivid imaginations, Brick My Lane will add rock and roll to your dancing feet, and free minded bloggers 39th and Broadway, Curvy Fashionista and Pursed Lips question the fashion industry.

Links à la Mode : June 11th

  • 39th and Broadway – What the end of an era of fashion excess means for the industry
  • Bobbins and Bombshells – Celebrating first anniversary with a beauty of a give away! The prize: Pin-Up Cosmetics!
  • BRICK MY LANE – How to give shoes a rock’n'roll edge using simple DIY ideas.
  • CUTEMESS – How Trevor the horse and an Australian Kangaroo Paw flower came to rest on a Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent dress.
  • Debutante Clothing – Interviews celebrity favorite vintage costume jewelry maven Carol Tanenbaum
  • Decline Designs – Defining Your Personal Style, Part Three: Using Your Inspiration
  • Dirty Dirty Laundry – KABLUEY! Check out my venture into the world of blue monochromatic fashion.
  • Fashion Grail – Love the way Chloe Sevigny perfectly combines the elegance of a scalloped Chloe blazer and cut off shorts.
  • Fashion Hippo – Three lucky readers will receive this tee as a prize. Loved by Kate Moss and many other celebrities. Ends June 18th.
  • Hong Kong Fashion Geek – Update your look for less – Resort 2010 looks for recessionistas
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – Giveaway sites for freebie junkies.
  • MissRedLips – In Defense of Brooches
  • Pursed Lips Magazine – The CFDA Fashion Design Awards Promotes their Photoshoot, with None of the Women Nominees. Is something fishy?
  • Retro Chick – Mary Queen of Charity Shops – The Review
  • Style on the street – Alison Stephens, the new it model
  • Style Symmetry – Vintage Snakeskin Bracelet Giveaway!
  • Super Kawaii Mama – Meet Aleshia Brevard. A Vintage Style Icon you’ll never forget!
  • The Capitol Fashionista – Fashion Nostalgia: The Beautiful Covers of British Vogue
  • THE COVETED – The perfect giveaway for vintage lovers… win at Rice & Beans Vintage.
  • The Curvy Fashionista – The State of the Curvy Community Panel Discussion at Full Figure Fashion Week
  • the nerdlings – The photo shoot started off well. But words were spoken that shouldn’t have been spoken and everything else just descended into chaos.
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12 June 2009

How to make your Blogger Blog more searchable

Indepedent Fashion Bloggers @ Individual ChicI’ve got an article up at Independent Fashion Bloggers on how to make your Blogger Blog more searchable. Check it out and let me know what you think!

11 June 2009

Best bras for big girls

After being pregnant and breast feeding Icy Girl for 12 months (yes guys, that’s what they’re for) my boobs no longer fit into any of my old bras. This was both a curse and a blessing. A blessing as I would get to go shopping for lots of lovely new bras, a curse because I’d moved up out of the everyday normal sizes. Yep, I was now a 14E (or 36E if you’re from the US) and once you’re past a DD (or even a D in a lot of sizes), you’re on your own.

In the end, after much unsatisfying searching, I found two brands that were just right. The first was Fayreform (to the right). A lot of these bras are just so-so for me, but the Profile Perfect style is just right for an everyday bra. It’s supportive and I don’t really feel it while wearing it. Its only downside is that you can’t wear it under a low-cut top; the bra just sits too high, and I really prefer and balconette.

So I needed some more bras; oh well, I guess I had to keep looking.

The other brand I finally found, which is my new favourite, is Pleasure State VIP. These bras are so lovely and sexy. I have the Carmen (to the left), for your plain black (or white if you prefer) everyday bra. The straps are skinny (so good for wearing under lots of styles of top), there are little sparkles on the straps for cuteness and a rather comfortable g-string if you’re into matching underpants (which I am).

I also have the Giverny (to the right) for my sexy vintage thing. Is this not a truely lovely and sexy red bra. I have to say I feel great while wearing it.

So, if you have bigger boobs, check out Fayreform and Pleasure State VIP. Good for girls up to a G cup.

Note: This is an unpaid review and I bought the products with my own money.

Photos care of Zodee.

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09 June 2009

Long gloves, perfect for cross seasons

We’re having funny weather in Sydney at the moment. It’s very brisk in the mornings at about 12 deg C but warming up to 21 deg C or more. This is the perfect weather for a nice cropped jacket, just like the one I happen to own, but not warm enough for its cropped sleeves.

The solution? Long gloves.

Now, they need to come at least to your elbows, otherwise there is not a lot of point (short gloves with bare arms just seems foolish to me). The only problem is they can be hard to find. I spend hours searching on line for some, thinking I had no chance (hence, no pictures on this post). I was reduced to asking my brother’s UK girlfriend to see what she could find (thanks L).

Then, by pure chance I walked into my local Suzanne Grae, and found some just sitting there. I snapped them up, I can tell you. So now I have a pair of long black gloves (with grey palms) to wear with my lovely cropped jacket. I’m very pleased.

What is your must have accessory for winter (or summer) this year?

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06 June 2009

Links à la Mode

links a la mode

Fashion History

Edited by Debutante Clothing

I was particularly proud of this week’s choices of IFB member links. As a vintage lover, I think fashion history is an often over-looked part of the fashion equation. I was thrilled to see so many fellow IFBers agree. Bonne Vie, Miss Glitzy, and Couture Allure are some of the blogs that took a trip to the past of fashion. But what good is history if we can’t learn from it? Several other bloggers explored contemporary fashion in the workplace and as a form of expression. We’ve got some real cerebral reads this week – enjoy!

Links à la Mode : June 4th

Idiosyncratic Style – Infatuation List: Top 5 May flowers
Bonne Vie – The history and technique of the bias cut
Miss Glitzy – The story and photos of creation of the first Chanel bi-color sandals in 1955
The Recessionista™ - Meets Norma Kamali and Previews her Summer Line for Walmart
A Typical Atypical – Shows us how to pack for a holiday
The Coveted - One Hot Unveiling from Benefit
Unfunded – Bullets for peace fashion show
MissRedLips – Swap Your Stuff: Someone's junk is another person's treasure
Couture Allure - Big hair from 1965
The Demoiselles – The dangers of creativity infringement
Retro Chick – Bargain hunting essentials
Workchic - Collaborates with Polyvore on what types of T-Shirts are appropriate to wear to the office!
Style Symmetry – An Interview with Beth Jones of The Vintage Society and Quicksilver Women
Dramatis Personae – The Art of Self Love
Hong Kong Fashion Geek – Stripper shoes - classy or trashy? Who can tell anymore?
Threadbared – History and the harem pant
Decline Designs – How to dye your hair crazy colors (and keep it that way)
V is for Olive - a look at the best lingerie shop in San Francisco
Style On the Street – Photographer Isabelle Bonjean
Debutante Clothing – How to market your vintage clothing shop through photography
Independent Fashion Bloggers: How has your blog evolved?

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04 June 2009

Shop on-line MaxShop review

MaxShop @ Individual ChicI’m not a big fan of on-line shopping; I prefer to try things on first. However, when I saw MaxShop, I thought I’d check it out (‘cause I’m not adverse to a bit of window shopping, browser window that is ^_^).

I have to say, I fell in love with the styles at MaxShop, they were soooo me, and not out of the ball park expensive either. Their selection of merino woollen jumpers is very nice, as are their shirts. I bought the two shown in the pictures here. There was another lovely turtleneck jumper in burgundy with gathered cuffed sleeves with buttons that I got, but seems to be removed from their website. Oh well, guess they sold out.

MaxShop @ Individual ChicTheir website is excellent; it’s easy to find your way around, mark pieces you like and experiment with combinations. The “catwalk” preview of the items is great; you can really get a feel for how they look on the body.

I would say their sizing is very generous. I bought the XL size, listed as a 16 (presumably an Australian 16), and they were very large. Not quite swimming, but not far off it. If you prefer a fit that skims rather than swims, I’d order a size smaller.

Returns are no problem and they conveniently provide a return address sticker.

So, if you’re looking for some great layering pieces for winter, check out MaxShop.

Note: This is an unpaid review and I bought the products with my own money.

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02 June 2009

Harem pants, just not for me

So I wrote a post on harem pants, and I suggested people have a go at this trend. I even said I’d have a go and I’m here to report on the results.

No. Just no.

The first pair I tried on were the ones from Sussan. Not a good look. Having a large vulva suspended half way between your hips and your knees is not a good look. The one’s from Katies were better, but still not something I would wear, even around the house. At that point I gave up.

So I revise my advice; try harem pants, sure, but only if you don’t have an apple body shape. If you are an apple, try them at your peril (and please DON’T take a friend, you wouldn’t want to accidently have them laugh themselves into a heart attack).

Oh, and to the woman I saw wearing her harem pant with the stiletto booties, just no. Pick one cutting edge trend to play with, not two.

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