Individual Chic: Pants without holes in the crotch are good

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14 January 2008

Pants without holes in the crotch are good

Now that I’m a free woman, at least for a week or two, I went to a cafe in Newtown for breakfast with a friend for a bang up meal of poached eggs, bacon and turkish toast, hmmm. Now Newtown is near Sydney University and is a fairly trendy area, in that sort of eclectic individual vintage kind of style, so you expect to see people dressed fairly well, and they were.

The lady I’m talking about was wearing nice black pants, a black t-shirt with a white and black tunic over the top; she looked nice and it suited her age and body shape.

Unfortunately she was wearing beige underwear. I know this because I could see them ... through the hole in the crotch of her pants.

I’ll leave you with that image now.

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Meg from The Bargain Queens & All About Appearances said...


At least they weren't white.

Icy said...

Oooh but they were sooooo noticeable...

ladyjulianne said...

Thanks for that, Icy!

Lovely image.

Icy said...

Sorry to spoil your day Lady Julianne ^_^

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

That is a horrific image. I shall forever be mentally scarred.. (runs to check the crotch of all her pants) LOL

Dexie said...

ewwwwwwwwww. well I guess that's better than going comamndo?

Icy said...

FabBroke, ^_^

Dexie, eewww now you scared me for life!!!