Individual Chic: Three-quarter length pants in winter

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06 August 2007

Three-quarter length pants in winter

I’ve seen women wearing these around during winter and I’ve come to the conclusion that they can work but there are just two things you need to keep in mind.

  • Dress for the weather. You may love your shorter pants, but if it’s sleeting they’re just not working. However, if it’s a fine sunny cool day (like it is in Sydney today) you might be able to pull them off with a pair of ballet flats or heels.
  • They look great with boots. This is the real way to take these pants into winter. A knee high pair of boots under the pants is an effective look. However, if you are wearing boots, don’t wear slouchy ones, you need ones that emphasis your ankles. These pants are usually wider than normal and slouchy boots will just give you cankles; remember to contrast the volume.

Wear them and have fun, but just keep in mind the whole look has to work. Hmm, perhaps I’ll wear them tomorrow.

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corrigan said...

I always wear my shorter pants in winter, but always always always with boots. It's like my signature look. I HATE putting my boots away in summer. In Toronto, I might be able to get away with baring my calves in the winter, but certainly not where I grew up--(Newfoundland)--where the snow can pile up to the rooftops. (I'm not exaggerating)

Rebecca said...

I agree. The look is cute with boots!

Icy said...

Well I am wearing it today and I agree with you both, it is a cute look.

Corrigan, I love to wear my boots into summer as well. They work fine for me ^_^

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Ooo what would be SUPER cute is wearing straight-legged, bermuda-style capris with boots

Icy said...

FabBroke, that does sound cool!