Individual Chic: Brown and grey, can they work together?

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24 April 2007

Brown and grey, can they work together?

I’m never sure about this combination; can you really wear a cool neutral and a warm neutral together? When I’ve seen this mix, it has either been really good or really bad, but never in-between.

The rules that seem to work are: don’t have the same depth of colours for both, and don't wear equal amounts of the two colours.

If you are wearing grey and brown, make sure one of them is a light colour and one a dark, or perhaps break one of them up with a pattern.

The other rule is an implementation of Rebecca’s 60/40 rule (from The Space Between My Peers). Don’t wear equal amounts of the two colours; have a dominant and a feature colour. You could also break it up with a smaller feature colour that works with both, maybe a dark purple?

Use the same rules for mixing other cool and warm neutrals, especially the new mustard shade that will be big this year.

It can work, but you have to be really, really careful.

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for the mention, Icy!

Clinton and Stacy say you can wear brown and grey together, but that's not why I do it. I do it because it goes with my personal coloring: brown eyes and grey hair. Which probably explains why I like to mix in a little pink. ;)

It's interesting: before my hair went grey, heather grey was my most dread color. Now it's one of my most flattering.

Icy said...

I saw that your post was about beige and grey! I promise I wrote this post a few days ago and only put it up yesterday ^_^.

If you can do brown and grey together, I think it simply means you are very stylish and know how to work the colours properly together.

I'm not sure I'm really brave enough to wear it, though I have decorated my bedroom with it to some extent ^_^

Rebecca said...

Thank you, Icy. I'll try to receive that compliment graciously. ;)

I bet that is a very soothing color scheme for a bedroom.

Icy said...

It is soothing, with some red for warmth it works very well ^_^

Meg said...

Absolutely they can work together! They have to be purposefully but together throughout the outfit, though, and it can be very tricky. You would probably need to start with a piece that has both colors in a pattern, and that can be very hard to find.

Icy said...

Hey Meg, I did see a dress just the other day that used browns and greys. It just didn't suit me though (wrong cut).

Kasmira said...

It IS tricky, but the effect can be very chic. I wore brown and gray (AND PURPLE) today!

You see brown and gray in nature, like bark or feathers, so why not in an outfit?

Icy said...

Hey Kasmira, brown and grey as natural colours, good analogy. Purple would be an excellent blending colour as well.

T said...

I was wondering if i could wear a grey coat with dark brown boots. I've seen a pair that i like very much and I wasn't sure that if they fit. My dad had a wise saying "Those 2 fit together like grey and brown", meaning they have absolutely nothing in common(simply won't do). But dad is old-fashioned... So... should I wear these neutral colors together? :) Thank you! Nice post, btw :)

Isa @ IsaByrne IndividualChic said...

Hey T, thanks for dropping by. Sounds like it could be a good look but I'd keep the tones differnt like a dark grey coat and light brown boots or visa versa. Or if the brown is a cool brown they should work well.

sadiegirl said...

I have dark brown boots, grey leggings, a black button down and a skinny brown belt...does this work together??

Virgilia said...

Great blog, this post was so useful!
In your opinion, how would a long brown skirt and a brown top look with dark grey boots?