ESO Housing Competition - UPDATED!

New Life Festival Coming Soon Last year, there was a very fun New Life Festival in ESO, and as it will be back this year I thought I'd do my part to celebrate it!!!
-> ENTRY FORM <- Housing Competition Announcing the first inaugural New Life Festival Housing Competition!! Enter your best designs!! Celebrate the New Life Festival!! Win Prizes!! Type Exclamation Marks!!

NOTE: Prizes are limited to the NA PC server BUT all platforms are eligible to enter (assuming you can link me a video walk-through of your entry)

Categories Enter one category! Enter all categories! Each property will have an entry fee of 1000g with all proceeds going to the winners!

Best Starting room
- Haven't tried housing yet? New to the game? Don't have time to decorate a big house? Decorate one of the 4 starting rooms! The Ebony Flask Inn Room, Mara's Kiss Public House, The Rosy Lion Inn Room, Vivec City Apartment.

Best Outside
- Love gardens? Or spooky winter forests? Or are your end of yea…

I made Twitch Affiliate!!!

WHOOO HOOOO Super excited to announce I made Twitch Affiliate!! What does that mean? It means I can earn revenue from Twitch, but it also means I can't simultaneously stream to YouTube (or any other services).

But it doesn't have ANY impact on uploaded videos - so look for continuing daily content on YouTube!

Come join me on Twitch at
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Hum - I guess I DON'T have time for this too...

Oh dear Well, I thought I had time to blog, on top of the other content I'm creating, and well, it turns out I don't. Not even short posts. Oh dear.

To be fair - I kind of forget to do it as well. I go ages without thinking about it - which means it's not a focus, which I suppose is only natural as there are games to play, videos to edit, end titles to create, and now live streaming on YouTube and Twitch regularly.

And, well, I guess that's enough.
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Early Morning

Just 'cause No reason at all for this post ^_^ but to show off my pic.

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John Wick

I have many thoughts So, John Wick Chapter 2 was FINALLY released in Australia, only a week ago, only 3 months later than the US and I went to see it.

The first John Wick movie is a masterpiece. It is ultra-violent, but the violence is focused and always serves a purpose; it's part of the storytelling and is not simply there to add "bang" to the movie.

Just as important to the movie are the silences in-between. The first action sequence where John Wick reveals himself as "The Boogeyman" doesn't take place until 25 minutes in and the second sequence doesn't happen until 50 minutes in and those silences are used to develop John Wick as a character and the world he exists in.  Without these silences, the movie would be a lesser creation.

The second John Wick movie doesn't have those silences.

The first violent sequence starts immediately, but the entire sequence is simply a nod to the events of the first movie. "Look," it shouts, "every…


Pre-Launch Streaming! WOOO!!! So excited!!

Thank you ZoS for giving me the chance to stream (on YouTube) and publish Morrowind so I can show everyone what there is to explore and discover (as well as all the new housing and furnishings!). Come and join me!

Stream 1: 1-3pm Saturday, Sydney Time (Convert)
Stream 2: 1-3pm Sunday, Sydney Time (Convert)
Stream 3: 10-2pm Monday, Sydney Time (Convert)

(All times are approximate, and of course, subject to that other MMO I play called Real Life.)

You can explore Morrowind as well - Pre-Order here ->
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Must have my Star Wars fix I've known about Chuck Wendig's Star Wars series, Aftermath, for a while (since they were announced) but hadn't managed to get hold of them until now. I've finally gotten hold of the first book from my local library, and hooley-dooley it's good. I'm seriously considering buying my own copy, just to have.
Written in the present tense, it's a book that races along, dragging you from scene to scene, making you think in images that could be projected up onto a big screen (one day perhaps?).
Aftermath is MUCH stronger than other recent Star Wars books I've read. I suspect having the freedom to write about minor characters who are not involved with global politics makes for a much better writing and reading experience. I'm glad I didn't spend money on Bloodline or Catalyst.
The first book, Aftermath, is set almost immediately after The Return of the Jedi and in part is the story of Rebel Pilot Norra Wexley who is returning ho…