Summerset Isles!

The next Chapter has been announced! We're going to the Summerset Isles - home of the High Elves (Altmer). I'm going to collate what I know/learn here! So check back!

Prologue Quest - NOW!! Public Test Server - AprilPC Early Access - May 21Console and Full Access - June 5 Buy:
Edition details - Standard Edition, Digital Upgrade, Digital Collector's Edition, Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade, and Physical Collector's EditionPre-Order Bonuses Available immediately - The Base Game (physical and digital full edition purchases only), The Morrowind Chapter (digital full and upgrade purchases only), Nightmare Senche MountAvailable at Summerset Launch - Queen's Bounty Pack (Costume, maps, pet, crown crate, XP Scrolls),
New Stuff:
30 hours of new gameplay Daily login rewards Psijic Order Skill LineJewellery Crafting + new jewellery traitsNew Motif - thru the Outfitting Station Only (similar to how the Imperial and Morag Tong styles now work)New Pl…

For my LOVELY Twitch Subscribers!!

Thank you so much!! To be honest, I never really expected to have so many subscribers on Twitch, and I'd like to recognise you all individually!!! Below are a selection of Elder Scrolls Online icons I've created and if you're a Twitch Subscriber I'd like YOU to pick one to represent yourself!! I'm planning to use your icons in ALL sorts of cool places, so pick one you really like! (Don't see one you like? Let me know what you want and I'll make you something just for you!)

As icons are chosen, I'll add your name to your icon so no-one else can pick it.

Argonian Fire Blue Mushrooms Book and Ink - Cindley Bookshelf Candle - Dretharion Coins Cooking Fire Cornflowers Echetelle Firefly - Squirte/Snowie Hourglass Lantern Namira's Rot - Manic Nirnroot Rubedite

Thank you to you WONDERFUL people

You raised $620 for JDRF!!! You amazing people!! Do you know what you did?? You raised $620 dollars for the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. You are all the most GENEROUS people!!! 

MissIcy's amazed face at was a sight to behold! "That's SO much money," she said. ^_^

Thank you! Thank you all!!!


Icy (and MissIcy)

MissIcy's Story

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January for JDRF

Help Conquer Diabetes!! Exactly 4 years ago, in January 2014 MissIcy (who was nearly ready to celebrate her 6th birthday) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

She'd had a range of symptoms (loss of weight, drinking huge amounts of water, needing to go to the toilet a lot) which I'd put down to various things. A friend finally said to me "you know those are the signs of T1D, right?" I had NO idea.

We went to see our doctor the next day. MissIcy was admitted to hospital within the hour and we were there for the week so we could learn how to keep her alive.

Funds raised for JDRF go towards research to both make life easier for people to live with the disease, and towards a possible cure (oh, please, one day, please).

Please, PLEASE, consider donating towards JDRF this month!! 

Icy (and MissIcy!) ^_^

Donate to JDRF! FAQQ: What is Type 1 Diabetes?
A: Type 1 Diabetes usually (but not always) occurs in children. The body has a faulty auto-immune response which marks …

ESO Housing Competition - UPDATED!

New Life Festival Coming Soon Last year, there was a very fun New Life Festival in ESO, and as it will be back this year I thought I'd do my part to celebrate it!!!
-> ENTRY FORM <- Housing Competition Announcing the first inaugural New Life Festival Housing Competition!! Enter your best designs!! Celebrate the New Life Festival!! Win Prizes!! Type Exclamation Marks!!

NOTE: Prizes are limited to the NA PC server BUT all platforms are eligible to enter (assuming you can link me a video walk-through of your entry)

Categories Enter one category! Enter all categories! Each property will have an entry fee of 1000g with all proceeds going to the winners!

Best Starting room
- Haven't tried housing yet? New to the game? Don't have time to decorate a big house? Decorate one of the 4 starting rooms! The Ebony Flask Inn Room, Mara's Kiss Public House, The Rosy Lion Inn Room, Vivec City Apartment.

Best Outside
- Love gardens? Or spooky winter forests? Or are your end of yea…

I made Twitch Affiliate!!!

WHOOO HOOOO Super excited to announce I made Twitch Affiliate!! What does that mean? It means I can earn revenue from Twitch, but it also means I can't simultaneously stream to YouTube (or any other services).

But it doesn't have ANY impact on uploaded videos - so look for continuing daily content on YouTube!

Come join me on Twitch at
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Hum - I guess I DON'T have time for this too...

Oh dear Well, I thought I had time to blog, on top of the other content I'm creating, and well, it turns out I don't. Not even short posts. Oh dear.

To be fair - I kind of forget to do it as well. I go ages without thinking about it - which means it's not a focus, which I suppose is only natural as there are games to play, videos to edit, end titles to create, and now live streaming on YouTube and Twitch regularly.

And, well, I guess that's enough.
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