Must have my Star Wars fix I've known about Chuck Wendig's Star Wars series, Aftermath, for a while (since they were announced) but hadn't managed to get hold of them until now. I've finally gotten hold of the first book from my local library, and hooley-dooley it's good. I'm seriously considering buying my own copy, just to have.
Written in the present tense, it's a book that races along, dragging you from scene to scene, making you think in images that could be projected up onto a big screen (one day perhaps?).
Aftermath is MUCH stronger than other recent Star Wars books I've read. I suspect having the freedom to write about minor characters who are not involved with global politics makes for a much better writing and reading experience. I'm glad I didn't spend money on Bloodline or Catalyst.
The first book, Aftermath, is set almost immediately after The Return of the Jedi and in part is the story of Rebel Pilot Norra Wexley who is returning ho…

Happy Birthday ESO!

It's been a fantastic three years
I joined the Beta of ESO in February of 2014 and here I am, three years later, for the third anniversary of Elder Scrolls Online, and it's been a FANTASTIC ride!
I have been a massive Elder Scrolls fan since Morrowind (the peak of my gaming experience) and then very much enjoyed Oblivion and Skyrim (with 550+ hours... >_<  o.O) so I was sold on ESO before I even knew if it would be good, but it was! It was really good! And I was hooked.
I participated a bit on the forums (and I still do occasionally) and meet with a group of other Oceanic Timezone people and formed a guild with them.  The guild still exists, though more as a way to keep in touch with the few people who still play, but one of those people I would consider a friend, and I even catch up with him in real life occasionally! *waves* Hello Manic! ^_^
I took my time as worked my way through the content on my one main character (and the thought of leveling another character stil…

It's OK

Don't feel guilty for enjoying life So, yeah, things are PRETTY interesting, globally speaking, at the moment, aren't they. And here I am, putting a whole lot of time and effort into playing games, making videos about games, and writing about games.
And I'm OK with that.
Be part of your world. Be aware. Know what's going on around you. Stand up for your causes. Look after the people around you and your world. #Resist
And then take a moment and look after yourself.
Life, living, sometimes it takes a lot, it empties you out. So, do the things that fill you back up again. Do the things that bring you joy, that you look forward to, that make you smile. And then keep doing them.
Take a selfie!
Do the hard stuff too. But remember, it's OK to have fun. Today's Video

Trading Furniture

But I can't find what I'm looking for! So, you're bought a lovely house and you're looking for juuuust the right bit to fill it. If you're on a console, you'll have to search and search through the guild stores looking for that perfect recipe or furnishing, but if you're on PC, you're in luck!
Check out the Tamriel Trade Centre website and search for exactly what you're looking for!
I've used this multiple times to find exactly the pattern I'm looking for, and it's sort-able by time last seen or price, which is particularly helpful.
And it's not just for furniture of course; you can search for any items that can be found in a guild store.
You can help out by installing the companion mod which will upload what it sees in a guild store to the database. Today's Video


You can always tell I regularly walk through The Rocks and Circular Quay in Sydney, both tourist hubs of the city, and honestly, you can ALWAYS tell who is a tourist.
Sometimes it's obvious (those who take hiking sticks with them to walk those slippery and dangerous paved streets of Sydney XD ) and sometimes it's less so, but the absolute give-away are two people, walking together (mostly in sensible shoes, but not always) VERY, VERY slowly.
My aim is to get to the train station as fast as possible, so the speed difference is always very obvious. So, if you want to blend in, walk fast. XD
On the other hand, I imagine most of them have jus t spent a long day, probably walking everywhere, so I guess I could cut them some slack. ^_^ Today's Video

Thinking words

Does this happen to anyone else? Sometimes, I'm so tired the words stop. For a moment, there are none, and then I start to think about how there are no words, and then I start seeing them, chasing across the inside of my head.
Yes, I think in words, actual, literal words.
If I close my eyes, and think of a "tree" I'll see one, but I'll also see it neatly labeled as "tree" underneath. And, as I think, the words will come scrolling across my brain like closed captions under every image I see (if I see an image at all).
Memory is also linked to words for me.
If I want to remember something (like in those long-ago-days when I was studying) I would write it down. I took (and still take) copious amounts of notes, even if I never look at those notes again. It's the act of writing, of words, of taking an experience and transforming it into letter shapes, that means it stays in my head.
If it has no words, I'm probably not going to remember it. This is …


Not just coffee I love my tea as much as I love my coffee ^_^ of course. I currently have about 20 types of tea: black, green and herbal. I like my tea with flavourings, much as I like my coffee with flavour (caramel specifically), but I do drink my tea without milk or sugar, and very weak.
Mostly I drink teabags, but I put them in a teapot so I can control the strength of the tea, though I do have a number of flavours of loose-leaf tea as well. The teapot in the picture is from the Maxwell Williams Cashmere range, but sadly, this particular teapot is no longer available (though the cups are still there).
My favourite teas at the moment are Dilmah Exceptional with Rose and Vanilla, Madame Flavour's Earl Grey, Tetley's Decaf Green Tea with Pomegranate, Governor's Estate Peach (with lemongrass and aniseed), and Twinings with Camomile and Spearmint. What I drink depends on a combination of my mood and my tiredness level! ^_^
I'm not even sure if these teas are available …